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raw supershow - Newest pictures


John Laurinaitis comes out with David Otunga and says he wants to introduce a man who will change the WWE, and the guy who will face John Cena at Extreme Rules. He shows a clip of last week's RAW, then says Brock will bring legitimacy backto WWE, and Brock comes out and thanks John for being smart and bringing him back. John Cena doesn't waste any time cutting them off, and he says thank you for last week and proceeds to slap Brock in the face. Brock takes him to themat and they start brawling while a huge group of wrestlers and agents run out and try and separate them, but both guys break free again. They are backed off, but Brock goes right back after (a bloody-mouthed) Cena until he is dragged from the ring then he leaves on his own as we go to a break. When we get back, John is shown yelling at Teddy Long in the locker room about keeping Cena contained, then Eve walks in and says they haven't talked in awhile so he should call her

Brodus Clay & Santino Marella vsDolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

Santino tries to take Dolph's legs out, but Dolph gets a near fall then kicks him in the stomach and runs the ropes. Santino counters with a hiptoss, and Swagger tags in but runs into Brodus, who drops him with a kneelift. Brodus goes for a T-Bone suplex but Swagger counters and chop blocks his knee, then chokes him on the ropes as wego to a break. When we get back, Dolph drops an elbow on Santino, then Swagger puts him in a butterfly underhook but Santino counters with some punches. He dives at his corner but Swagger pulls him away and slams him on the matbefore Dolph gets back in. Dolph tries to keep Santino down with a headlock, but Santino rolls through and tags Brodus, who drops Dolph with a fallaway slam and the Funk It for the win.

Winners - Brodus Clay & SantinoMarella

Miz is talking to John Laurinaitisabout his plans when he tells Miz they will talk later, and he starts yelling at Teddy again. Heasks where Cena is, and Cena walks in and asks what John wanted. Cena says he loves this business and Hollywood just left, but he loves this business and John just got a killing machine. He says he likes to hit people and get hit back, and John might be scared of the blood and give him the night off, but he wants a match. Johntells him he will have a match tonight, then he tells Teddy to tell Otunga to go get ready, andTeddy better look at him when he talks

R-Truth vs Cody Rhodes

Truth hits Cody a few times andgoes for a backdrop, but Cody counters with an Alabama Slamthen Big Show interrupts him again. He plays a clip of last week's RAW where Kofi beat him with Trouble In Paradise, then Truth surprises him with the Little Jimmy for the win.

Winner - R-Truth

Santino Marella is shown looking for the Three Stooges, and he asks Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks is they know where the Stooges are. They say no, soSantino continues to search until he runs into an angered Kane, then he turns around andruns away. Santino finds a box marked 'fragile' and he thinks it is a gift from his mother, but he pries it open and the Stooges fall out. He expresses his excitement and they do a running gag, then Moe asks to learn how to do the Cobra. He turns it into an eyepoke, then Larry says they need to think ofsomething great for the fans and go back in the box.

Lord Tensai (w/ Sakamoto) vs Yoshi Tatsu

Tensai pulls Yoshi in and chops him, then drops his leg down on his shoulder before throwing him in the corner andheadbutting him. He picks Yoshi up for a double underhook suplex, then he hits a running senton and a corner splash. Tensai elbows him in the head a few times, then he drops him with a choke bomb and the ref calls for the bell. Tensai spits mist in the air and puts Yoshi in the claw nerve hold, then slams his head on the mat before leaving.

Winner - Lord Tensai

CM Punk comes out and says hewants to break the silence surrounding him, and he says Straight Edge is a personal choice and it's not to be cool. He says sometimes it made himuncool, but he chose a way of life and he keeps quiet about his life because it's no one's business. Punk says he doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for him, and he made it to the top of the WWE by being the best wrestler in the world. Punk says Jericho came along and destroyed his privacy, and he made up lies and called him a bastard. He says Jericho's plan failed at Wrestlemania because he made Jericho tap out, so he had to take it that one step too far. Punk says he wasn't worried about competing again, but all he could think about was that the whiskey made him smell exactly like his father did.
Jericho cuts him off by appearing on the Titantron andsays he doesn't look right, thenhe asks him if he is still hungover. He says Punk looks like his father and the fans might be seeing Punk on his first bender, and Punk needs totake the twelve steps. Jericho says everyone sees it, because they don't see a champion or the best wrestler, they just see a loser. He says he broke Punk'svow of sobriety and he made him understand what it is like to finally be called 'CM Drunk'. Punk says Jericho didn't break him, and he screwed up by failing so Punk will take all of his anger out on him by using all of his bad memories. He tells Jericho this is no longer about being the best in the world, because this is just about kicking his ass now.

WWE Championship
Mark Henry vs CM Punk

Punk leaps at Henry and repeatedly knees him in the head, then he runs off the ropes but Henry knocks him onto the apron and follows himoutside. Punk goes to the floor and starts taking apart the announcer's table, then he hits Henry in the head with a monitor and gets himself disqualified. He attempts to jump off the apron and hit Henry again, but Jericho comes out with some cases of beer and Henry uses this distraction to attack Punk. Henry rolls Punkin the ring and hits two World'sStrongest Slams, then Jericho takes the beer and attempts to pour it on him. Punk hits him a few times but Jericho drops him with a Codebreaker, then he pours a bunch of beer on Punk and tells him to drink it in.Referees run out and attempt to stop him, but Jericho just throws some more beer at Punk and hits another Codebreaker before taking the WWE Championship and holding it over his head.

Winner (by disqualification) - Mark Henry

Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio

Alberto kicks Zack and hits a running dropkick for a two count, then he punches him in the corner until the ref backs him away. Zack knees him in the face and hits a Broski Boot and goes for the Rough Ryder, but Alberto shoves him in the corner. Alberto puts him in an armbar and yells 'destiny', then he rolls through and gets him to tap to the Cross Armbreaker.

Winner - Alberto Del Rio

Moe and Larry of the Three Stooges come to the ring and say it's great to be there, but they seem to have lost their brother. Moe says he was supposed to be getting dressed, then Curly comes out dressed as Hulk Hogan and says they are his people. Curly cuts a promo about their new movie using Hulk's voice and mannerisms, but Kane comes out and they act scared and band together. Moe and Larry run away when Kane sets off his pyro, then Curly points at Kane and tries to do the Hulk 'YOU!' routine, but ends up getting chokeslammed.
Josh Mathews is with Mark Henry in the backstage area, and Josh asks for an explanation for his attack on CM Punk earlier tonight. Henry says he beat CM Punk by countout last week, and by disqualification this week, so next week it will be different. He says he talked to John Laurinaitis and he will get another match, but this time it's no disqualifications and no countouts, so they are looking at the new champion.

Brock Lesnar joins Josh Mathews for an interview, and Josh asks if he is proud of coming back to WWE, and Brock says he is damn right he is. He says he was a WWE and UFC champion, and he took both companies to new heights and their success was on his blood, sweat and tears. Brock says John Laurinaitis wassmart to bring him back and put him on top, and John Cena thinks he is on the top but he just proved him wrong. Brock says he just shut Cena's mouth and he can't even hold his jock strap, because he is a war machine and an ass kicker. He says he isn't there to make any friends, and he bets no one else is more proud to have him back than the suits and the fans.

David Otunga (w/ John Laurinaitis) vs John Cena

Cena yells at John to get off his phone and watch, then Cena counters a headlock but Otunga kicks him in the corner until the ref pulls him away. Cena fires back with some punches, but Otunga hits him back then stomps and puncheshim in the chest before the ref makes him break away again. Otunga drops him with a clothesline and flexes him arms,then he whips Cena across the ring and hits another clothesline and shoulder tackle for a two count. Cena makes it to his feet so Otunga punches him in the back, then he flexes again but Cena gets up and punches him in the stomach.
Cena hits a shoulder tackle and a sitout slam, then he points at John at ringside before hitting a Five Knuckle Shuffle and an Attitude Adjustment. He puts Otunga in a STF and gets him totap out, then Brock Lesnar runsin after the bell and kicks Cena below the belt. Brock waits for Cena to get up, then he picks him up and drops him with a F-5 before smiling and leaving the ring.

Winner - John Cena

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