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raw supershow - Newest pictures

WWE RAW (5/7) Results

John Laurinaitis comes out and says he is in charge of both RAW and Smackdown, so that means he is the undisputed authority figure in WWE. He says he won't let anyone challenge his authority or leadership, and John Cena embarrassed him by calling himan idiot. Johnny says Cena called him a corporate jackass and he lost his temper, but he will continue where Brock Lesnar left off and it's only the beginning. Johnny says the board of directors understand that he is tought but fair, so he is not in trouble with them, but he asked that Cena not be there. He says Cena was told to rehab his arm so he doesn't have an excuse at Over The Limit, but he will allow him to do an interview via satellite with Michael Cole later tonight.

Johnny says he is warning every Superstar on the roster not to make fun of his voice, because he was injured in Japan and he proceeds to show pictures of his career. He says he was not a loser, but he was in fact the biggest star in Japan, and he calls himself the Hulk Hogan of Japan. Johnny says his match with Cena will be bigger than the Rock's or Lesnar's, and he says God bless the fans and 'People Power' before CM Punk cuts him off. Punk says Johnny never ceases to amaze him, and he still has no clue what the fans want to hear but he is actually on his side tonight. He says he will hand Johnny the keys, but he isgoing to work backwards and tell him what the fans don't want to see first. Punk says they don't want to see him, andthey don't want to hear him stretch the truth about his career, but this is really about him backing Lesnar.

Punk says Johnny put his money on Lesnar but Cena beathim, then he picked a time when Cena was injured to attack him all because he was embarrassed. Punk says he hadto go to Japan because no one in the United States would pay to see him wrestle, and he came back but he's still a joke. Johnny tells him to watch it, and Punk says he will watch it just like he will watch Cena beathim after he beats Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit. Johnny askedif he is done, and Punk calls him an ugly tool with no friends and then says he is done, but Johnny books him in a match. He says he will face Lord Tensai tonight, but Punk says he expected that because Johnny hides behind talented big men and he can't wait to see Cena beat him.

John Laurinaitis is walking backstage when he bumps intoBig Show, and he screams at Show and tells him to watch where he is going. Johnny walks away and Show sarcastically agrees while doinga "Johnny" impersonation, thenhe mocks People Power and leaves while Eve walks up behind him.

Intercontinental Championship
Big Show vs Cody Rhodes (c)

Big Show throws Cody across the ring then Cody hits a Beautiful Disaster kick, but Show goes down to one knee then Cody says he is done. Codygets his title and tries to leave, and Show tries to cut him off but Cody gets away and the referee counts him out. Show grabs a mic and tells him come back out and stop being a coward, because it is going to be much worse if he has to find him. Eve comes out and tells him to apologize for making fun of Johnny, and he says he was joking but she tellshim to apologize to everyone. Show says he is sorry, but Eve says she wants an apology not an 'I'm sorry', and she says there's no use for a freak like him outside of wrestling. He gets angry and says he apologizes, then he asks if she is happy before putting down the mic and leaving.

Winner (by countout) - Big Show

Kofi Kingston (w/ R-Truth) vs Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero & Jack Swagger)

Dolph dropkicks Kofi and puts him in a rear choke as Abraham Washington is shownwatching backstage with Epico,Primo and Rosa Mendes. Kofi hits a crossbody as Mason Ryanwalks up to Abe backstage, then Kofi calls for Trouble In Paradise but Swagger jumps on the apron. Dolph tries to roll him up but Kofi counters with the SOS for a two count, then Truth and Vickie argue with each other on the apron. The ref tries to separate them as Kofi goes up top, but Swagger shoves him off the turnbuckles and Dolph hits a Zig Zag for the win.

Winner - Dolph Ziggler

Michael Cole introduces John Cena via satellite and says he was doing well after Extreme Rules, but John Laurinaitis attacked his arm and he needs to get his arm drained. He says the doctors told him to take a few months off, but they don't know who he is because there is nothing stopping him from competing. Cena says the boardof directors contacted him instead of Johnny, and he told them not to fine or fire him until after Over The Limit. Cole says he has watched highlightsof Johnny's career and he was impressed, but Cena says he has a great opportunity to do what alot of people dream of. He says Johnny can't kick him out of the building or fire him, because he is going to show up in 13 days and kick Johnny'sass!

Maxine & Natalya vs Kelly Kelly &Layla

Layla hits a crossbody and a kick, then Natalya tries to distract her on the apron but Kelly runs over and pulls her offthe apron. Layla stares at Beth Phoenix at commentary while she picks up Maxine, then she hits the Lay Out for the win andstares at Beth again.

Winners - Kelly Kelly & Layla

Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho vs Sheamus & Randy Orton

Orton puts Alberto in a headlock then throws him into the ropes and hits a shoulderblock, then he whips Alberto into the corner and takes him down. Alberto tags out and Jericho hits Orton in the corner, then he whips him across the ring but Orton comes back with a clothesline and some stomps to the shoulder. Orton makes a tag and Sheamus beats on Jericho in the corner, then he knees him in the head and hits an elbow smash off the ropes. Jericho tries to reverse an Irish whip by floating over, but Sheamus catches and throws him onto the apron and clubs him a few times. Alberto gets knocked off the apron, but Jericho rams Sheamus' shoulder into the ringpost, then he falls on the ground andAlberto kicks him as we go to abreak.

When we return, Jericho is working on Sheamus' shoulderand he tells the ref to ask him ifhe can continue, but Sheamus backs him into the corner and hits some elbows. Sheamus knocks Jericho down with a clothesline and makes the tag, then Orton drops Alberto with some clotheslines and a powerslam. Orton follows with a hanging DDT and calls for a RKO, then he powerslams Jericho when he breaks it and Ricardo jumps on the apron. Alberto catches him with a boot to the head, then he snaps Orton's arm down on the ropes while Jericho distracts the ref.

Orton catches Jericho offguard and knocks him down, but Jericho comes back with a seated dropkick before taunting Sheamus. He suplexes Orton and yells 'best in the world,' then he puts Orton in a headlock but Orton gets up andcounters a bodyslam with a near fall roll up. Jericho connects with an enziguiri and continues to taunt Sheamus, then Alberto comes back in andjumps down on Orton's arm. Alberto calls for a Cross Armbreaker but Orton counterswith a backbreaker, then they both tag out and Sheamus spears Jericho in the corner and knocks him down with a high knee lift.
Sheamus attempts Pale Justice but Jericho slides out and counters with a Walls of Jerichoattempt, then Sheamus kicks him away and hits an Irish Curse but Alberto breaks up thepin. Orton drops him with a RKO while Sheamus sets up a Brogue Kick on Jericho, but Jericho ducks and Sheamus hitsOrton instead. Jericho drops Sheamus with a Codebreaker towin the match, then he screams that the title is his while Sheamus shakes his head at what just happened. He walks over and tries to help Orton up, but Orton surprises him with a RKO and celebrates on the turnbuckles after we see a replay

Winners - Alberto Del Rio & Chris Jericho

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