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WWE News: Smackdown SPOILERS 5/11 - MEGA detailed

Everything on the camera side is tarped off except for floor seats and the first five or so rows. I've never been to Roanoke before, but the guy next to me says seats usually aren't tarped off. Most of the rest of the arena was full as of the start of NXT.

Smackdown SPOILERS 5/11

Booker T out to a big pop. Cole out to boos and some weird theme music. Then, Lilian Garcia.
They start with footage of the tag team match from Raw setting up the Fatal Four-Way at Over the Limit.
World Hvt. champion Sheamus comes out to a huge pop. Orton out next to another huge pop. It looks like a tag match of some sort. Here comes Jericho. His pyro is deafening. And, Ricardo Rodriguez introducing Del Rio sans car. It looks like a re-match from last night. Sheamus's shoulder is still bandaged

(1) World Hvt. champion Sheamus & Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho & Alberto Del Rio went to a Double DQ. Orton and Jericho start. Sheamus tagged in, then hard-tags Orton back in. The faces don't seem to be on the same page. Del Rio in and on the attack. Sheamus back in and slams Del Rio. Jericho low-bridges Sheamus and gets a cheap shot on the outside. Sheamus back in, but Jericho stops him from making a tag and works the injured arm. Sheamus powers out. Hot tag! Orton is a proverbial house a-fire. Hangman DDT. Vintage Orton! He goes for the RKO. Jericho blocks it, but eats a dropkick. Del Rio in to break up a nearfall. Sheamus in to attack Del Rio. All four guys in the ring. Bell rings. Probably a double DQ, but they never make an announcement. Ortonand Del Rio brawl. So do Sheamus and Jericho. Multiple refs out to try and break it up. Sheamus clears the ring of Jericho and Orton clotheslines Del Rio over the barricade, whothen leaves through the crowd.

After a break, here comes A.J. They replay the clip of her slapping Kaitlyn, who is her opponent.

(2) A.J. beat Kaitlyn. A.J. attacks Kaitlyn with repeated punches. Then, hits a low dropkick for the pin. She continues punching and pulling Kaitlyn's hair after the match. Then, Daniel Bryan comes out to"Yes!" chants. Bryan is impressed with A.J.'s ruthlessness toward her best friend and sees her in a new light. He's looking forward to moving on after winning the WWE Title at OTL. A.J. appears hopeful. But, Bryan says he's moving on to Kaitlyn that is! Burn! A.J. gets a crazy look and storms off. Bryan waves her goodbye and leads the crowd in "Yes!" chants. It looks like he's going to stick around for a match. His opponent is the Big Show, who gets a huge pop. Lillian screws up the introductions. Poor Lillian.

(3) Daniel Bryan beat Big Show via submission. Show starts offwith some chops interspersed with some dropkicks from Bryan. Bryan takes out Show's knee. After working it over a little, he applies the "Yes! Lock."The bell rings immediately and Laurinaitis is at the announce table to announce Bryan as thewinner by submission. Where did he come from? From out ofnowhere apparently. Show did not in-fact submit and Big Johnny screwed him.
Post-match, Laurinaitis gets in the ring and confronts Show about his actions on Raw. He isnot amused. He repeats Eve's line about Show not finding work elsewhere and demand an apology. He then walks up the ramp and says he's going to shock the world by beating Cena at OTL.
Randy Orton vs. Del Rio later in the show. Apparently they're not done for the night.
Heath Slater is out next. He cutsa promo saying his opponent looks like a caveman and hasn't beaten anyone the caliber of the One Man Southern Rock Band. Slater says bring him out and out comes Ryback.

Sheamus vs. Jericho later as well.

Out comes Teddy Long. Then, Alex Riley. Long is the special guest ring announcer per Johnny's orders. Here comes Antonio Cesaro with Aksana, who is sporting a new look. Teddy is forced to read a long list of accolades for Cesaro. Long and Aksana sit by the announce table.

(5) Antonio Cesaro beat Alex Riley. Cesaro dominates early."U-S-A" chants. Riley hits a clothesline or two, but then Cesaro hits his reverse piledriver finisher for the pin. Teddy announces him the winner. Aksana takes the mic and says she and Teddy are done. She and Antonio are lovers. They make out while Teddy watches.

(6) Randy Orton beat Alberto Del Rio via DQ. Orton has Del Rio in one corner, then Del Rio takes Orton to the opposite corner. Slingshot against bottom rope by Orton gets two. Del Rio turns things around and controls the next few minutes working Orton's arm. Cheap-shot by Ricardo. Orton fights back and hits some clotheslines and a powerslam. He sells an arm injury. They tease the hangmanDDT, but Del Rio counters and hits a kick for two. Del Rio goesfor the cross arm-breaker, but Orton counters with a shove into the corner. Hangman DDT out of the corner. Vintage Orton! Orton hears voices! Ricardo tries a move off the top rope, but takes an RKO. That got a big pop. It also apparently got Del Rio DQed cause the bell rang. Orton dumps Ricardo outside, but DelRio attacks him from behind and applies the cross arm-breaker for a while. Orton sells pain on the outside and Del Rio is pleased with himself.
R-Truth comes out with Kingston to a decent pop. Vickie comes out to introduce Swagger. Ziggler is also in tow. Massive heat for Vickie.

(7) WWE tag champion R-Truth (w/Kofi Kingston) beat Jack Swagger (w/Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler). Swagger in control early while Kofi tries to rally the crowd. DDT by Truth sends both men down. Swagger misses a splash in thecorner, which leads to a flurry from Truth. Ziggler pulls Truth'sleg from behind the ref's back to break up a pin. Truth goes outside to deck Ziggler and then Kofi lands a move off the steps. Truth and Swagger back in. Swagger against the ropes. Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise from the outside on Swagger, leading to the Lie Detector/Little Jimmy from Truth for the win. Vickie is not happy.

Santino and Ryder are out for atag match to separate intros and good pops. Their opponents are Darren Young and Titus O'Neill (wearing matching tights).

(8) Titus O'Neil & Darren Youngbeat U.S. champion Santino & Zack Ryder. The heels work over Santino. The crowd wantsRyder. They get him. He cleans house. Broski boot to Young. O'Neil trips up Ryder on the outside. Santino has seen enough and chases O'Neill withthe Cobra into a clothesline from Young. Ryder dropkicks O'Neil through the ropes on the outside. He brings Young back into the ring and goes forpunches in the corner, but Young powers out. Their finisher this week was the Demolition Decapitation and they hit it on Ryder for the win.Afterwards they make Lillian announce them as the winnersagain and say they're going to be the next tag team champions while heading off to some dancing and catchphrases.
Matt Striker interviews Damien Sandow backstage. Sandow questions Striker's teaching credentials and gives his usual promo about enlightening the unwashed masses. You're welcome.
Now it's time for the Funkasaurus. And, Cameron and Naomi. And his opponent is Hunico, who cuts a promo enlightening us as to what the name Hunico means.

(9) Brodus Clay beat Hunico. Funkasaurus jiggles before the bell and then no-sells some punches from Hunico. Funkasaurus hits the usual offense culminating in a splash.Another squash. Very efficient post-match dancing. The show seems to be running long.
Recap of the Brock situation.
Jericho vs. Sheamus is next. Jericho out first to more pyro. Here comes Sheamus. They replay what happened earlier.

(10) Chris Jericho beat World Hvt. champion Sheamus via DQ in a non-title match. Back and forth early. Sheamus lands the 10 Blows against the ropes. He chases Jericho around the outside. Jericho runs into the ring and off the ropes at Sheamus, but Sheamus lands a battering ram. Sheamus tries tosuplex Jericho to the outside, but Jericho blocks it and pulls down Sheamus's injured arm over the top rope. He continuesworking the injured arm. Then,misses a Lionsault. Sheamus onthe attack. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho, but Sheamus counters. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Jericho counters into the Walls. Sheamus eventually reaches the ropes. Sheamus knocks Jericho to the outside. Del Rio runs down and attacks Jericho,resulting in a DQ.

Afterward, Del Rio enters the ring and puts Sheamus in the cross arm-breaker. Orton runs down and breaks it up. Orton straddles Del Rio and punches him. Sheamus pulls him off andstarts punching Del Rio. Orton takes exception to this and pulls Sheamus off. The faces argue. Jericho sneaks into the ring and hits the Codebreaker on Del Rio. He decides to head for higher ground after a look from Sheamus. Orton and Sheamus stare at each other. Orton hits the RKO on Del Rio and returns to staring down Sheamus. Sheamus Brogue-kicks Del Rio and they resume the staredown. Sheamus's music hits and the show ends.


After the show went off the air,Orton stuck around because the dark match main event is Orton vs. Kane in a street fight.

Dark Match: Randy Orton beat Kane in a Street Fight. They spent most of the time brawling outside the ring. Kaneintroduced a kendo stick, but Orton ended up using it. Kane brought a chair into the ring, but Orton blocked it and hit an RKO for the pin to send everyone home happy.
Orton then interacted with fans around the ring. Lillian thanked us for coming. No return date announced.

Overall, an enjoyable taping with heavy emphasis on the World Heavyweight title situation and upcoming fatal four-way. All babyfaces were pretty over, not just the main-eventers, but guys lower down the card as well.

Biggest Pops:
- Orton
- Sheamus
- Big Show
- Truth/Kofi

Biggest Heat:
- Vickie
- Laurinaitis
- Jericho (with the usual cheersfrom some)
- Del Rio

Again, mixed reaction for Bryan. The Yes! chants were definitely in the majority tonight, but there were still audible No! chants. But, definitely a more pro-Bryan crowd than Asheville over the weekend or Greensboro at Raw

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