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WWE Over the Limit Reaction

Battle Royal: Christian WinsWhat I Liked:
It was great seeing Christian getting the victory here. He returns in a lackluster way a few months ago only to get thrown back down because of his health. Christian is not a World Champion who can carrya brand, but he is a damn goodwrestler who deserves the opportunity to hold the IC or USTitle. Even though he left as a heel, the crowd loved the victory here for Captain Charisma. He eliminates Miz, which may mean a face turn for Christian. Bravo for Tyson Kidd, who shined in this Battle Royal. He hit some great moves and was able to get the crowd behind me, even though he didnot have a chance to actually win.
What I Disliked:
This was a lackluster battle royal with many guys who rarely see time on WWE Superstars. I felt there needed to be guys like Gabriel, Clay, Sandow, and other younger guys who need the time in front of a live PPV crowd. Darren Young's elimination was a complete joke, as well as guys like Reks and Hawkins being involved. This shows you that mid card talent is very weak. This is not because of a lack of talent, but a lack of character development.
Grade: C-
R-Truth and Kofi Kingston def. Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler
What I Liked:
This may be one of the best tagteam matches in a very long time on WWE television. Dolph is the best performer in the company because of his ability to sell a move and really speed up a match at any time. Truth took a great beating tonight which was the right call. Swagger utilized his ground and pound technique to stabilize Truth and avoid him from tagging in Kofi for a goodduration of the match. When Kofi comes in, you see the difference in attitude and intensity. His athleticism is unbelievable. Kofi flies around the ring and gets fantastic air time. I really thought this matchcame off great for a few reasons. The timing and pace of the match was fast and slowwhen needed. Furthermore, they are four great athletes who had TIME to work in the ring. They told their story in thering and it payed off. Great spots and even better chemistry from beginning to end.
Grade: A

Layla def. Beth PhoenixWhat I Liked:
At first, it looked like all we were going to get was a typicalDivas match with not much build. I was wrong, as Beth andLayla put on a really good Divas match at Over The Limit. Beth makes any diva look good in the ring, but Layla held her ownas well. This could be a good feud for quite some time because both are good character and personalities. All there needs to be is more speaking and an actual reason for these Divas to feud with one another besides JUST having the belt on the line. Once they add a personal angleto their story, then it will thrive. Layla has a fantastic finish that looks great and comes off as very painful for their opponent.
What I Disliked:
Doesn't it seem all of this is justa waiting game for Kharma? I wish they would give them a story to focus around until theyfigure out how to build Kharma's return. Overall, this was a really good match with no story and no really care from the crowd. That is the only downfall.
Grade: B-

Sheamus def. Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del RioWhat I Liked:
One of the better Fatal Four Way matches in recent memory,Sheamus retained the championship here by pinning Chris Jericho. Let's break down each guy in the match. Randy Orton was really good at overcoming the odds and fighting off the opponents from beginning to end. Orton hit a great DDT like usual and kept the match going with his ability to get the crowd behind him. Orton is still so popular and his offense is still effective. Jericho did not do much in the match besides team with Del Rio to take out the faces, whichwas a perfect way to start the match. He hit a few Codebreakers that hit perfectly, but that was not enough for the victory. He kept in the fast paced match throughout and never took a few minutes off. Del Rio is excellent at connecting on his kicks to the opponents' head. Although he is not featured much in the match, the time he got was great. He was able to keep the flow of the match with everyone else and progress it during move sets. Finally, Sheamus looked very powerful in the match. He connected with a great Battering Ram andBrogue Kick. I really feel Sheamus has come into his own as a face and the crowd appreciates how he has grown.He is deserving of the title, and I am alright with him keeping it.
What I Disliked:
Only a few things upset me in this match. It really annoys me when Chris Jericho continues to get buried. What the hell is the point of his return? I scratch my head and wonder if he is going to do anything relevant in the next few months. I guess not because this is the fifth consecutive Pay Per View where he falls short. Also, Alberto Del Rio will never be the guy WWE Creative wants him to be if he does not get a chance to develop and enhancehis character. Tell me what is different about his character now since he debuted. There isnone.
Grade: B

Brodus Clay def. The MizWhat I Liked:
I figure you would get a Clay match here. Nonetheless, he added two new moves into his arsenal. He hit the suplex off the top rope, which Miz sold perfectly. A great way to make Brodus tweak his game at a Pay Per View.
What I Disliked:
The match itself was not that great. Once again, it was simplya basic match with very little back story and no progression. Where does The Miz go from here? What does Brodus Clay do now? There is little risk and no reward for having these guys fight one another. I assume it is better than Clay vs. JTG, but there is no purpose to have this match for either guy.
Grade: C-

Christian def. Cody Rhodes to Win the Intercontinental Championship
What I Liked:
Even though Rhodes held the title only for a month this time, I liked the title change for a fewreasons. Christian has been teased to come back a few times now, and it looks like they are giving him the green light to carry the mid card division for the time being. Rhodes will most likely have a rematch of some sort to finish this feud. I think these two did a great job in the ring together,as both are very similar in offensive attacks. Christian is not a guy who can carry a brand, so this spot is perfect for his return. The match had a solid back and forth pace to it, and Rhodes hit a beautiful somersault onto Christian. It landed perfectly, and the crowdresponsed with praise. Furthermore, Rhodes may have the best dropkick in the business aside from Ziggler. He is so good at transitioning onemove to the next in many facets, including something as simple and effective as a Russian Leg Sweep. Christian was able to get the better of Cody when he got frustrated, reversed the move, and hit the Killswitch for the win.
What I Disliked:
I agree with Christian coming back as a face, but didn't he thrive much more when he was a heel? I wonder why they did not let him get the United States Championship off of Santino, a guy who simply doesnot need a title around his waist. Santino will be over with a title or not, we have seen it before. The match was really good, but the fact that the title drop happened so fast after Rhodes won it makes him look weak and you can tell he will not be holding that title for a while. Hopefully, this is the beginning of Rhodes' shot at the top, but we all have been fooled before with guys like him and Ziggler after losing mid card championships.
Grade: B

C.M. Punk def. Daniel BryanWhatI Liked:
What could you not like in this match? They delivered in all aspects, especially submission and traditional mat wrestling. I simply was in awe to see how many reversals, counters, quick pins, and offensive creativity they displayed. I absolutely love when Bryan has the upper hand and can make simple knees to the chest look painful. He also brought out some greatsubmission moves, including an absolutely amazing Surfboard Stretch, which followed with Bryan grabbing and bending Punk's body between his arms. This was a fantastic bout that reminds everyone why both of these guys are at the top of the roster for a reason. The crowd was into this match the whole time, including a "This is awesome" chant that really hadTwitter going. The timing of the match was excellent because they were not rushed in accomplishing what they wanted to do, and that was tell a story in the ring. Many peoplewondered why so fast and whynot build a storyline with these two guys? It is simple, they do not need months of build to pull of a great match. Also, the ending with Punk tapping out a second after he pinned Bryanwill let these guys continue their feud, potentially with AJ involved somehow as we saw her backstage. Lastly, my prediction needs to be a Submission Match or I Quit at No Way Out to finalize the feud here. Maybe they can carry it until Money in the Bank, where both guys have thrived before.
Grade: A+

Ryback def. Camacho
What I Liked:
There is not much to like here that he have not seen before. I like Ryback, and think he has a bright future in the WWE. His size, speed, and overall look willhelp him do good things.
What I Disliked:
How many squash matches canwe see? It shows you how larthargic and boring the creative team is when they debut new guys. Give me something more here, as I simply could care less about this pairing. Who, besides the diehard fans who watch Smackdown every week, knew who Camacho was?
Grade: D-

Cena vs Laurinaitis

Worst Match Grade F


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