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(-PPV Pre-Show-)
On the YouTube PPV pre-show, Scott Stanford and Matt Striker set the stage for the show, focusing on the top matches on the actual PPV.
After a video package aired on the Sheamus vs. Del Rio World Title feud, WWE cut to Josh Mathews backstage with Smackdown GM Booker T, who re-iterated that the Brogue Kick is banned.
Ringside: Stanford said it will be a 16-man battle royal to determine who faces Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title on the actual PPV. This led to a video package on the Cesaro & Aksana duo.
In-ring: Brodus Clay was the first man out for a 16-man battle royal. He was accompanied by dancers Naomi and Cameron, who returned to WWE TV following a brief suspension following a DUI arrest. Rosa Mendes then led out Primo and Epico. Justin Gabriel was out next. Sakamoto then led out Tensai. Tyson Kidd, Michael McGillicutty, and Zack Ryder were the next three. Strong reaction for Ryder, followed by the Prime Time Players. Jinder Mahal was out next, then JTG. Drew McIntyre's elaborate ring entrance got some TV time next. Ted DiBiase then returned to TV from injury. Out next were Heath Slater and former U.S. champion Santino to round out the field.
Heath Slater took center-stage and did a rock-band dance before everyone dumped him to the outside for the first elimination. Lower-carders started disappearing left and right before Tensai powerbombed Kidd onto a host of lower-carders ringside. Tensai and Clay then came face-to-face for a big-man battle. Santino tried to take out both, discoveredthat wouldn't work, and walked away. Suddenly, mid-carders dumped Clay over the top and Striker sold a shoulder injury for Clay. Santino then Cobra'ed JTG off the ring apron for another cut.
Down to six. Ryder dropkicked Mac over the top rope to bring it down to five. Santino then pulled out the Cobra and struck Tensai. Suddenly, Santino tried to cover D-Young, prompting the refs to provide instructions to the former U.S. champ. Santino then got dumped by Titus O'Neil. So, Final Four is Titus, Tensai, Ryder, and D-Young. Ryder then dumped Titus over the top rope. D-Young was out next, leaving Ryder and Tensai. The crowd popped for Ryder, who looked introuble when Tensai had him set for a powerbomb, but Ryder head-scissored Tensai over the top rope. Ryder wins another battle royal to add to his resume.
WINNER: Ryder at 5:43 to earn a U.S. Title shot. Ryder finally gets his U.S. Title re-match months after dropping the U.S. Title back when he was actually featured on TV. Overall, the outcome felt like WWE going for a feel-good moment to potentially entice last-second PPV buys from fence-sitters.
Post-match: Josh Mathews brought in Ryder for a post-match interview. In his ownlanguage, Ryder said he plans to beat Cesaro tonight for the U.S. Title.
Announcers: After a video package on the PPV matches, Striker announced the Tag Title match of Kofi & Truth vs. Bryan & Kane will open the actual PPV broadcast.
Backstage: Mathews was shown standing outside C.M. Punk's locker room. He said Punk has not granted an interview requesttonight, then Paul Heyman walked up to the door. Heyman offered no hints about his association with Punk before walking inside. ... Striker fed to a video package on the Cena vs. Punk feud, which involved Bret Hart on Monday's Raw. The videoconcluded the PPV pre-show.

!!(-Live PPV Results-)!!
The PPV opened with a video package focusing on WWE's collection of titles, including the lineage from past legendary champions to current champions. The video stopped with C.M. Punk, focusing on Punk demanding respect in addition tobeing WWE champion. The video transitioned to John Cena"dropping a pipe bomb" on Punksix days ago on Raw before focusing on Cena coming home to Boston to challenge for the WWE Title.
Live inside TD Garden, full pyro shot off before WWE panned the crowd in the building. On the air, Michael Cole introduced the showand noted this building and the previous Garden's long history ofhosting top WWE champions. On-camera, Cole was shown alone. Cole smiled and said they have fantastic news about Jerry Lawler. The camera zoomed in close on Cole, who said Lawler scared them all by collapsing with a heart attack. Cole said doctors and EMTS saved Lawler's life. He said he has spoken with Jerry throughout the week and he wants to thank the WWE fans for their well-wishes. Cole said the great news is Lawler will be going home to Memphis this week.
Cole tried to set up an announcement for JBL joining him on commentary before Justin Roberts interrupted over the house mic to formally introduce JBL. Fitting the PPV theme, Cole listed JBL's championship accomplishments as JBL made his way to the ring to join Cole at the announce booth. Cole then read Lawler's tweet earlier today announcing JBL as his replacement. JBL commended Cole on how he handled events on Raw before saying he plans to set his seat onfire by the time Lawler gets back.
In-ring: Lilian Garcia introduced afatal four-way IC Title match to start the PPV, not the Tag Title match. IC champ The Miz came out first with mic in-hand. Miz complained about Booker T booking him in a four-way title defense and vowed to file an official complaint against Booker.Before Miz could offer his catchphrase, Rey Mysterio's music interrupted. Rey came out dressed in a combination purple and red outfit. Cole brought up Rey retiring JBL, which JBL called a long time ago. JBL quickly established himself as heel commentator by agreeing with Miz before Cody Rhodes was introduced third. Sin Cara was out last to a tepid reaction beforethe Spanish announce team was introduced ringside.
1 -- IC champion THE MIZ vs. REY MYSTERIO vs. CODY RHODES vs. SINCARA -- fatal four-way Intercontinental Title match
The heels ganged up on Sin Cara early on as Cole listed WWE Legends who held the IC Title. Rey eventually re-entered the picture and cleared Cody to the outside. Rey and Cara then foundthemselves alone in the ring, prompting JBL to bring up their title histories in Mexico. The two traded high-flying moves before Miz broke up a pin attempt. Miz and Rhodes then picked up a fight, leading to Miz dumping Rhodes over the top rope. Men entered and left the ring at a rapid pace before Rhodes calmedthings down by working on Rey alone in the ring. Miz suddenly re-entered the ring to help execute a Tower of Doom spot, but he could not score a pin.
At 7:00, the action picked up as JBL talked about despising Miz when he first joined WWE before Miz worked his tail off to becomea legit star. On the outside, Rey head-scissored Rhodes into the guardrail before flying off the ring apron with a seated splash. Back in the ring, Cara corkscrew-splashed Miz for a close two count. After more rapid-fire action, Rey countered Miz's Skullcrushing Finale into the 619. Rey then dumped Rhodes over the top rope before hitting a top-rope splash. Rey had the pin, but Cody yanked him out of the ring. Cody then tried to pin Miz, but Cara broke up the pin.
At 10:30, Rhodes lost his focus by trying to yank off Cara's mask, which allowed Rey to splash him.But, Rhodes recovered and chucked Rey to the outside. Cara then hit a kick to the head beforepulling out a matching mask from his trunks. Cara tried to put the mask on Rhodes, but Miz grabbed Cara from behind for the Reality Check. Miz covered, but Cara kicked out. Miz tried to follow with a powerbomb, but Cara put the bonus mask on Miz to block. Confusion ensued, then Miz blindly dropped Rhodes with the Skullcrushing Finale "out of instinct" for a pin and the win.
WINNER: Miz at 12:05 to retain the IC Title. Good moments throughout to offset some early clunkiness. Creative finish to play up the mask issue and keep the issue going without a clear outcome. (**1/2)
Backstage: Prime Time Players were shown complaining to Eve about losing their #1 contender spot to the Tag Titles. Suddenly, there was a commotion off-camera. Eve ran down the hallway and the camera capturedKaitlyn on the floor selling an ankle injury and being tended to by the trainer. Kaitlyn said she was warming up when a maskedindividual struck her from behind. It looks like a Tonya Harding situation here. Eve jumped to a conclusion that Kaitlyn should not wrestle tonight and they'll figure out what to do about the Divas Title match.
Video package: Daniel Bryan and Kane's recent issues, happy fun-time, more issues, and accidental #1 contender victory. It was pretty eerie watching a replay of the Bryan & Kane vs. PTPmatch from Raw when Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack in the middle of the match.
In-ring: Daniel Bryan was introduced first to loud "Yes!" chants. Bryan calmly tried to wave off the chants as he slowly walked toward the ring. Bryan paused at a ringside fan, but opted not to engage in a shouting match. In the ring, Bryan calmly completed his ring entrance before Kane's pyro shotoff to bring out his tag partner. After Bryan and Kane tried to calmly share the ring, Kofi Kingston's music played to bring out Kofi and Truth to defend the Tag Titles.
2 -- WWE tag champions KOFI KINGSTON & R-TRUTH vs. DANIEL BRYAN & KANE -- WWE Tag Title match
The crowd started a "Daniel Bryan" chant before Kane waved off Bryan to start the match. The tag champs quickly double-teamed Kane, but Kane regained control and slap-tagged Bryan into the match. Loud "Yes!" chants for Bryan, who tried to ignore the crowd, but the crowd's influence distracted Bryan long enough for the tag champs to regain control. Kane then slap-tagged himself back into the match, drawing a crazy smile from Bryan. Kane then worked on Truth before extending a safe, friendly tag to Bryan, who smashed Truth with"No!" kicks to the chest.
Bryan and Kane started exchanging tags, working as a cohesive unit until Bryan missed with a corner dropkick. Kane dumped Truth to the outside, then Kane tried to help Bryan to his feet, but Bryan shoved him in the chest. A shoving match ensued as the crowd chanted,"Hug it out." Bryan saw where this was going, then opened his arms wide for them to have a hug. The crowd popped as Bryandemanded a hug. Kane thought itover, then gave him a strong hug. Bryan celebrated, but allowed Truth to re-enter the picture and tag in Kofi, who cleaned house. Kofi then readied for Trouble in Paradise on Bryan, but Kane yanked Bryan out of thering. Instead of being grateful forKane's help, Bryan picked up an argument. Kofi then hit over-the-top splashes on both men as they ...
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