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WWE RAW RESULTS - 11/ 24/ 14

The Authority addresses their loss at Survivor Series
The Authority’s music hits, and Triple H and Stephanie
McMahon make their way to the ring looking very sullen
as the crowd boos them. Photos of them from “Muscle &
Fitness” magazine are show. Michael Cole talks about
how this is the last time, and he sounds positively
gleeful. They stand in the ring as the crowd boos.
Stephanie says they expected this kind of reaction from
the crowd here tonight. None of the people in the arena
know the meaning of the word “respect.” None of them
understand the courage it takes to come out here
because no one knows what it’s like to be a leader. They
don’t know how to accept responsibility for their actions.
Team Authority would have won last night if it weren’t
for one man who had never before stepped foot in a WWE
ring. One man changed the entire face of WWE in one
night forever. That man is Sting. The crowd loudly cheers
his name. Due to Sting, The Authority is out of power.
Because of her father, the only person who can reinstate
The Authority is John Cena.
They stand before the crowd tonight not as losers but
leaders and winners. At the end of the day, they still
have their corporate responsibilities. They may no longer
have influence on the lives of the WWE superstars and
divas, but they still have each other. Triple H whispers
something to her. Stephanie starts to cry as she tells
them to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families. Triple H
asks if they love this, and the crowd loudly responds in
the affirmative. Triple H says they love to see them
humbled and humiliated. The crowd chants “YES!” Triple
H says they’re bullies. Triple H encourages them to cheer
that they’re out of power. Like he said before, be careful
what you wish for. Triple H knows for a fact that there is
nobody here that can handle that power. They live in a
world, a universe governed by the laws of finance and
commerce. Supply and demand, something the crowd
knows nothing about. In order to ensure that those
things get met, you need a leader that makes decisions
based on what’s best for business, not what’s popular.
Who will make those decisions now? Will it be John
Cena, Dolph Ziggler, or Sting?
Triple H wants to address the “elephant in the room,”
Sting. He’s not sure why Sting decided to come here and
stick his painted face in their business. Maybe it was
some kind of attempt to stand in the ring with him for 30
seconds and make his career relevant. It doesn’t matter
because his first night in a WWE ring is his last night.
While Sting thinks he assured that The Authority is no
longer in power, what he really did was ensure the
demise of WWE. Without The Authority in power, he gives
the place two or three weeks at best. They have a greater
responsibility than they could ever possibly fathom. They
cheer for Team Cena and curse The Authority because
they have that luxury. They have the luxury of not
knowing what they do. The things they did for them,
while seemingly cruel and sadistic, are what it takes to
make the WWE thrive. While The Authority’s existence
may be grotesque and incomprehensible to them, it is
what it takes to make this juggernaut exist. Without The
Authority there is no John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback,
and WWE Universe. Triple H congratulates them and asks
what they’ll do on a Monday night when RAW no longer
exists. They’ll sit on the couch with memories of their
pathetic days and personal failures. Triple H then
encourages them to cheer because they’re going to leave
now. Triple H tells them to mark his words. They will beg
for The Authority to come back.
Daniel Bryan’s music hits, and the crowd absolutely
ERUPTS! Bryan makes his way to the ring doing a “YES!”
chant, which the crowd does along with him. Bryan gets
in the ring and leads a huge “YES!” chant. Bryan then
gets in Triple H’s face and does the chant. Bryan then
makes his way to Stephanie and does the same thing.
Bryan smiles as Triple H and Stephanie McMahon turn to
leave the ring. Triple H stops on the apron to look at
Bryan, and Bryan leads the arena with a “YES!” chant.
They then start walking up the ramp, and Bryan runs in
front of them to do the “YES!” chant again. Triple H and
Stephanie walk off to the back as Bryan returns to the
ring and keeps the crowd going.
-Commercial Break-
Daniel Bryan reveals he has control of RAW for the
Daniel Bryan is still in the ring leading a “YES!” chant.
Bryan says it feels good to be in the ring tonight. Bryan
says having the ability to kick The Authority out of the
ring felt good too. What about Team Authority? They may
not know this, but he’s been put in charge of running
RAW for tonight. He knows that Triple H is convinced
that people like him running the show will ruin the
company in two or three weeks. However, with the small
amount of power he’s been given tonight, he’s going to
have Team Authority come before the crowd. Just
because they lost last night doesn’t mean they’re bad
people. Bryan says, “Let’s hear it for Team Authority!”
Seth Rollins, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury, Kane, Rusev,
Lana, Luke Harper, and Mark Henry come out and stand
at the top of the stage. The crowd loudly boos them.
Bryan says he’s not a spiteful man. He won’t strip any of
them of their titles or put them in unfair matches like
Stephanie or Hunter would. He’s a fair man. He’ll prove it
because he’ll start with Mr. Money in the Bank Seth
Rollins. Bryan says Rollins likes to fight in handicap
matches. It seems like The Authority always had him in a
position to wrestle guys 4-on-2 or 3-on-2. Why should
tonight be any different? Tonight, he’ll team him up with
two other WWE superstars to wrestle the team of John
Cena and the man who singlehandedly defeated The
Authority last night, Dolph Ziggler. He knows that Cena
and Ziggler are always up for a challenge. It’ll be what
Rollins is used to.
Rollins starts to speak, but his microphone doesn’t work.
Rollins then cuts in and asks if Bryan has control of the
microphones as well. Bryan says, “Um, yes!” Rollins says
big picture wise, he is still the future of this company.
There is nothing Bryan can do about that. Rollins is
curious though. Who will he team him up with?
Hornswoggle and El Torito? Maybe Michael Cole and
JBL? Bryan says he’s not teaming Rollins up with
anyone. The WWE Universe is. They can choose his
partners on the WWE App. Team A will be Mark Henry and
Luke Harper. Team B will be Mark Henry and Kane. Both
are strong teams as he’s not trying to be unfair. The third
team he could possibly team up with is behind him:
Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury. Voting starts right now!
Rollins tries to stop this. Rollins says they’re not even
real security. Bryan says life isn’t fair, but he has to
accept that. The show must go on. Rollins huffs and puffs
as he walks off.
That brings us to his long time buddy, Corporate Kane. If
Dr. Shelby could see them now, what would he think?
Kane as Director of Operations has gone off the path. If he
had the job, Kane wouldn’t have that job. Wait, he is in
charge. Bryan wants a second opinion. Bryan asks the
crowd if Kane should be the Director of Operations, and a
big “NO!” chant breaks out. Bryan says he’s not going to
kick Kane to the curb and have him be jobless, but he’ll
no longer be Director of Operations. His new title will be
the Director of Food and Beverage. Instead of being
“Corporate Kane,” he’ll be “Concessions Kane.” Bryan
then has someone bring out a tray and a hairnet for
Concessions Kane. A man comes out and hands Kane a
tray with popcorn and hot dogs. Kane looks at it and
scornfully walks to the back.
Now it’s on to the United States Champion Rusev and
Lana. Bryan doesn’t know about the crowd, but he thinks
Rusev as the United States Champion should be a little
more patriotic. Rusev and Lana always talk about how
great Russia is and how horrible the United States is.
Rusev has two options for tonight: he can compete in a
company wide battle royal for his WWE United States
Championship where he will be in the ring with every
other WWE Superstar. The winner will be the United
States Champion. The second option is he comes down
to the ring with a big United States flag in the
background and recites the Pledge of Allegiance to the
United States of America. Rusev and Lana angrily shout
as the crowd chants USA. Bryan says it’s their choice,
and they walk off.
Now onto his bearded brethren, Luke Harper. Last week,
he won the WWE Intercontinental Championship with the
help of Seth Rollins and J&J Security, whom he can vote
for to be Seth Rollins’ partners. Tonight, he’ll be fighting
by himself. Bryan feels like he needs a good opponent for
the Intercontinental Championship. Bryan then
announces it’ll be “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose!
Harper bugs his eyes out and walks off.
Bryan stops Mark Henry from leaving the stage. Bryan
was backstage and a big man asked him for a favor.
Bryan said, “Yes,” since that’s kind of his thing. This
man wanted to avenge the most embarrassing moments
of his career two years ago when he lost to him at
WrestleMania. That man was The Ryback. Ryback wants a
match with Henry tonight, and he told him, “YES!” Bryan
says he can do that because he’s running RAW tonight.
Bryan says, “Guess what? That’s what I do!” Bryan says
that match is happening right now!
Henry makes his way to the ring as Ryback’s music hits.
Ryback runs down the ramp and attacks Henry on the
aisle. Ryback throws him into the apron and ring post.
Ryback slams him against the barricade as officials run
down to separate them.
-Commercial Break-
Mark Henry vs. Ryback
Referees restore order, and the match begins. Ryback
punches Henry to the corner and hits some shoulder
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