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WWE Night of Champion Result 2014

Renee Young is hosting the Kickoff show. The
panel consists of Renee, Alex Riley, Booker T ,
and Big Show . The show consists mostly of
recaps and build up for the PPV so we’ll recap
the main stuff from Kickoff.
Booker T interviewed Stardust and Goldust
backstage. Goldust said that the old Goldust is
gone. Stardust looked at Booker’s HOF ring and
said that it’s close but not the cosmic key and
tonight The Usos “will be ours.”
They played a video package for the Divas title
match. AJ Lee joined the panel and talked about
the match and said that Paige has something
that belongs to her and tonight will be the last
time that her milky white hands touch her title.
She says that Nikki has a big bark but AJ bites.
Tom Phillips talked about Roman Reigns and
noted that Reigns will be out for several
months. They posted the breaking news updates
that aired yesterday on the network. The panel
then took a few minutes to discuss Reigns and
his injury.
Christian’s Peep Show with Chris Jericho – the
announcers said that Christian’s career had
been put on hold due to medical injuries. In
reality, unless he suffered a new injury recently,
he’s cleared to wrestle and has been cleared for
a while. Christian said that he missed the fans a
lot. He introduced Chris Jericho. Jericho said
he’s excited to be here and even more excited to
have Christian back in the WWE. They sort of
argued (jokingly) over who came up with the
“Vitamin C” nickname when they were a team.
Christian told Jericho that he should put on a
pair of pants when he comes into his Peep
Show. All joking aside, they got serious and
talked about Jericho’s match with Orton and
they played a clip of Orton’s attack on Jericho
from Raw 2 weeks ago. Christian said that Orton
has always been Triple H ’s lap dog. Orton
showed up on the big screen. He said that it’s
the Canadian version of Brad and Angelina. He
said that the only thing that matters is that he’s
beaten Christian so bad throughout his career
that he can’t compete anymore and the only TV
show that Jericho will appear on again is Total
Divas . Jericho said that Orton will appear on
Total Jackass. Jericho told Orton not to forget
who he faces tonight. He said that Orton will
never ever be the same again.
They wrapped up the show and the announcers
hyped the PPV.
Night of Champions
The Usos vs. Gold & StarDust (WWE Tag Title
match) – Good match. They built the match up
for Jimmy to get a hot tag to Jey. Jimmy took
out Goldust on the outside with a dive. Jey had
the match in hand but Stardust hit him with dark
matter but Jey kicked out. Stardust tied up Jey
on the ropes and slapped him with his glove.
Jey got out and got a near fall. Lots of dives in
this match. At one point everyone was out of it
outside of the ring. Jey did a splash but
Stardust put his knees up, rolled him up, and
pinned him. New tag team champions.
Byron Saxton interviewed Dolph Ziggler and R-
Ziggler backstage.
Cesaro vs. Sheamus (United States title match)
– the announcers told the people watching on
PPV that they can watch the network for $9.99.
Good match. There were some fans booing
Sheamus throughout the match. Late in the
match Sheamus went for the brogue kick but
Cesaro got out of the way. Cesaro got a near fall
and then hit a butterfly suplex for another near
fall. Lots of really cool spots at the end.
Sheamus tried a second time and missed but
was picked up put on Cesaro’s back and
slammed again for a near fall. Cesaro hit
Sheamus with tons of slaps, uppercuts, and a
kick to the face. The ref pulled Cesaro out of the
corner and Sheamus hit the brogue kick for the
win. Awesome match.
They showed the WWE 2K15 commercial with
Sting .
Mark Henry is backstage and says that there’s a
lot at the line. Big Show gives him a pep talk.
Big Show gave Henry a ring outfit with the
American flag on it. He says he believes in
Henry and told him to tear Rusev’s head off.
Henry said “you better believe it…you know
why? because that’s what I do.”
They welcomed Florida Georgia Line . They will
sit next to the announcers. They announced that
they will be part of Tribute To The Troops in
The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler (Intercontinental title)
– Miz was accompanied by Damien Mizdow.
Ziggler was accompanied by R-Ziggler. Mizdow
interfered on the outside and beat up Miz and
R-ZIggler. He got in Florida Georgia Line’s face
and was shoved by them. R-Ziggler chased
Mizdow out to the backstage area allowing
Ziggler alone with Miz in the ring. Ziggler didn’t
get a pinfall though. Eventually Miz put the
figure four on Ziggler but Ziggler made it to the
ropes to break the hold. Ziggler hit his leg drop
finisher for a 2 count. Mizdow showed up
causing a distraction and allowing Miz to rollup
The Miz.
They talked about Roman Reigns and replayed
the breaking news updates from yesterday on
the network.
Seth Rollins comes out – Rollins says it’s
amazing how life works out sometimes. He says
one minute you’re on top of the world and the
next minute you’re Roman Reigns. He said that
Roman was scheduled to be here to face him
but he got word yesterday that Roman was
rushed to a hospital but emergency surgery is
no excuse for not showing up here tonight. He
said that in the interest of fairness and justice
he will give Roman Reigns to get in the ring to
face him otherwise he’ll have to accept Roman
Reigns forfeit and Seth will have his hands
raised in victory. He told the referee to ring the
bell. The referee counted. The referee looked
stupid for going along with this. Seth was
announced as the winner as a result of a forfeit.
Seth told the referee to raise his hand. Seth said
he knows the fans are disappointed and he said
that he’s disappointed in Roman Reigns because
he’s not man enough to show up. He said that
Roman left him high and dry. Seth said that he
needs to do something to leave the fans happy
and “I am an opportunist.” He looked at his brief
case. Seth issued an open challenge because
that’s the kind of guy he is. He issued to an
open challenge to anyone in the locker room to
have a match with him right now. No one came
out for about 30 seconds and then finally a taxi
was shown arriving backstage. Dean Ambrose
came out of the taxi and walked into the arena.
The fans went nuts. Ambrose attacked and beat
him up in the ring, outside the ring, and into the
crowd. Triple H and Stephanie had security pull
Ambrose off of Seth but Ambrose did a dive on
all of them on the Raw stage and then continued
to beat on Rollins. Finally Dean got a chair and
was about to beat on Rollins but security got in
the ring and subdued Ambrose. They tied
Ambrose’s hands. Ambrose was kicking and
trying to fight his way out as a bunch of security
carried him out of the arena.
Mountain Dew commercial.
They cut over to the panel with Renee Young
and company.
Mark Henry vs. Rusev – When Mark Henry got in
the ring Lilian Garcia sang the national anthem.
Henry cried during the anthem as he stood in
the middle of the ring with his hand over his
chest. No Lana promo. Minutes into the match
Rusev went for The Accolade but Henry got up
before Rusev could lock it in. They played up
Henry’s bad back because Henry pushed him
(back first) in the steel steps. Henry hit the
World’s Strongest Slam but was slow to go for
the cover and Rusev was able to roll out of the
ring. Rusev hit Henry with a kick and then got
The Accolade on Henry. Henry tapped out.
Rusev wins. JBL said that Henry let the whole
country down. Cole asked who can stop Rusev.
The announcers plugged WWE Hell In A Cell
next month. October 26. Then they showed the
sit down interview with Brock Lesnar from .
Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho – Cole plugged for fans to get travel
packages to WrestleMania . Packages go on sale
next week. As Orton walked to the ring they
showed the clip of him attacking Jericho two
weeks ago. This is scheduled to be Jericho’s
last match for this current cycle unless WWE
convinces him for one more match on Raw
tomorrow. The match started slow but they
slowly got the crowd into it. Orton went for an
RKO but Jericho pushed him off and hit a
lionsault for a near fall. Orton went for the DDT
off the second ropes but Jericho countered with
a Wall of Jericho but Orton countered and
rammed Jericho head first into the turnbuckle.
Orton went for a punt but missed. Jericho rolled
him up, got a 2 count, and then applied the
Walls of Jericho for a long time. Orton finally
was able to reverse it and punch his way out of
it. Orton then did the DDT from the second rope.
Orton seemed upset for a second. It looked like
he may have hurt his back. Orton was going for
the RKO but Jericho hit Orton with the code
breaker and almost got a three count. The match
is picking up big time. Jericho went to the top
rope and dove off the top but Orton hit him with
an RKO and the pin for the win. Randy Orton
wins. Great match.
They showed a video package before the Divas
title match with clips of this feud. Byron Saxton
interviewed Brie Bella backstage. She said that
after the past few weeks she can finally say that
Nikki should not become Divas champion. She
said if Nikki becomes champion tonight then
she’ll be even more self centered. She said that
AJ and Paige get to knock her sister down a
couple of pegs tonight. She said that Nikki is
like karma…they’re both a bitch. Yawn.
Paige vs. AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Divas title) –
There CM Punk chants early in the match. They
knocked Paige out of the ring early so it was AJ
and Nikki for about a minute. Then Nikki was
knocked out so it was Nikki and Paige for a little
while. ...
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