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WWE Hell in a Cell (2014) Result

Main card
The first match to open the show was Dolph Ziggler defending
his WWE Intercontinental Championship against Cesaro in a
two out of three falls match. Ziggler got the first pin after
rolling up Cesaro. Immediately following this, Cesaro turned
ruthless and constantly began attacking Ziggler. Cesaro
executed an uppercut on Ziggler but only claimed a nearfall,
while the latter executed his Famouser but got another
nearfall as well. Ziggler finally got the win after executing a
Zig-Zag, thus winning the match (2 falls to 0) and retaining
the title.
The second match was Nikki Bella taking on Brie Bella. Nikki
executed a Rack Attack on Brie in the first half of the match,
but only a 2 count was rendered, which infuriated Nikki. Brie
managed to apply the Yes Lock on her sister but managed to
reach the ropes. Nikki finally claimed the victory with a
second Rack Attack.
The third match of the night saw Goldust and Stardust defend
the WWE Tag Team Championships against The Usos. Goldust
claimed the victory for his team after he executed a Curtain
Call on Jey Uso for the pin.
The fourth match was John Cena taking on Randy Orton for a
future shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It
was contested in Hell in a Cell and was their second
encounter inside. Cena and Orton began fighting ringside
before Orton sent face first in the wall of the Cell. Orton
wedged a chair one side of the rings corner, afterwards Cena
returned to the ring and attempted an AA. Cena responded by
sending Orton at the steel steps. Cena brought a table in the
middle of the ring while Orton attacked Cena with the table
and propped in the corner of the ring. Orton executed his RKO
on Cena at but only a 2 count was rendered. Orton called for
another RKO but Cena tried another AA attempt. Orton
attacked Cena with a low-blow, but Cena responded with an
STF. Cena finally executed two AA's but Orton kicked out of
both. Cena finally got the win after he executed another AA
from the second rope through a table.
The fifth match saw Sheamus defending the WWE United
States Championship against The Miz . Damien Mizdow
mimicked attacks and defences throughout the match. At one
point, The Miz executed his Skull Crushing Finale, but
secured a two count only. Sheamus won the match after
executing a Brogue Kick. After the match, Sheamus began to
play with The Miz like a rag doll while Mizdow mimicked all
his actions which amused the audience. Sheamus ended up
executing another Brogue Kick to Miz.
The sixth match was Big Show taking on Rusev. At the climax
of the match, Mark Henry came down to support his friend.
Rusev won after applying the Accolade once again to Big
Show, who submitted.
The seventh match was AJ Lee defending the WWE Divas
Championship against Paige . AJ got the win after applying the
Black Widow.
The main event saw Dean Ambrose take on Seth Rollins .
Ambrose climbed the cell before the match began, and Joey
Mercury and Jamie Noble emerged and tried to coax him
down. Mercury and Noble climbed the cell but Ambrose
attacked them with kendo sticks, allowing Rollins to climb
the cell and attack Ambrose. Both attacked each other until
they both fell through the announce tables (similar to Mick
Foley 's famous 1998 incident ). Both were placed onto
stretchers until Ambrose woke up and attacked Rollins. The
match officially started when both participants entered the
cell. Ambrose took out a chair from under the ring and sat on
it while taunting Rollins and berating him for his betrayal.
Ambrose tried to put Rollins through cinder blocks but Rollins
avoided it. Kane showed up and sprayed a fire extinguisher at
Ambrose through the cell. Rollins executed his signature curb
stomp on Ambrose, but Ambrose kicked out. Just when
everything was going Ambrose's way, the arena lights cut out
and a lantern appeared in the middle of the ring, spraying out
smoke and projecting an image of a ghostly spectre while the
sound of Bray Wyatt reciting an incantation was heard. Wyatt
emerged from the smoke and blindsided Ambrose, who was
then pinned by Rollins for the victory. After the match, Wyatt
hit his finisher on Ambrose and laughed maniacally until the
show ended.

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