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Elimination Chamber Match

Eliminated:.....Eliminated by:
Adwaid cena ..... Red danger
Psyco shyam...... Neo
Red danger ..... Neo
Dark Ricky.......Dementor

In the Ring :Dementor
Hahaha...u weak filthy physco...u cann't even make me move..stop dreaming of throwing.....ok..i just took out a sledge hammer and start hitting ur skull so hard that it got million wake up in a hospital and think twice before attacking me...don't think u r the only one with funny tricks,u copycat wannabe....hahaha......i dont wanna waste my precious time in having a match with idiots like u..
19.02.2012 09:43 EST,
I counter ur rockbottom wid a reverse rocckbottom n then grab him by hair to slam him on the steel chamber..and then i give him a knee stomp..u shut up neo..his nose was bleeding.
And yes Red Danger, Neo, Dark ricky also fought verry well bt the best man won and he was Dementor bt cn anybody explain how do we give so fast comments? And yes dont fool me as i know it is nt possible to give so fst comments?
Out of anger,i grab psyco by throat and bash him on the wall..then hit him 4 rockbottom to lay him out cold and say...shut ur damn mouth u moron...shake hand with dementor,and give the belt to him after taking it from ref...ur day big man...but it'll not always be!!
19.02.2012 09:32 EST,
REF:We saw this is a Great fight.Dementor toughly countered the neology from Neo.Then Dementor hit a Pedigree is so much for neo.SO neo eliminated By dementor and winner Of this Match AND NEW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Is DEMENTOR
19.02.2012 09:25 EST,
flying rko??? whres your wings?? just laid neos rko attmpt to waste as i counter that one in to the over head belly to belly throw, neo crashed faceirst on turnbuckle. i grabb him from behind quickly and nails the skull crushing finale quickly for the win...
19.02.2012 09:25 EST,
is dis huh. I came running n knocked out neo wid big boot. Dementor came 2 attack me but i ducked him n put him on my shoulder n execute F-5 on him. Then i put neo on dementors body. Ref count it
Actually,i climbed the cell wall there im catapult,and dropped a missile dropkick to dems chest,then nail him with a beautiful irish curse,and finally with a pedigree to end his suffering!
19.02.2012 09:23 EST,
your samoan splash got countered into the midair codebreaker. that was freaking awesome... then pick neo up and hit him with the cobra, hes not down, trumbling, so iuse the springboard clothesline to knock him out, and then climb ontop n from ther the frogsplash for pin...
19.02.2012 09:23 EST,

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