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Business Card

AsSaSiNs HiT LiSt (+ business card??)

umm more contacty stuff and the list of ppl i wanna kill!

On ThE KoRn FoRuM, i HaVe AdDeD SoOoOoO MaNy PpL 2 ThE HiTlIsT tHaT I dEcIdEd To wRiTe MiNe HeRe!!

~* all the bitches and tarts who have made my life a living hell since year 1, and all the stupid bastards aswell who take the piss outta me all the time, ummm why? maybe the fact that ive been suicidal since i was young cos of them, etc. lol, and they r all just up themselves and think they r good just cos they r sluts, lol.

~* courtney love cos she killed my kurt!! RIP Kurt! o yeh and shes a selfish bitch and she looks stupid, lol.

~* westlife, and all the stupid ´boybands´ like them, and basically ppl like cheeky girls and girls aloud aswell, for making me put up with their videos when i have my dads girlfriends 10 yr old son ova and he hogs the remote.

~* dan because hes a stupid ex, he was too obsessed wiv me and i hate him! lol

~*the guy at the pleasure beach who was a dick and wudnt let me lean on the bars waitin for the big dipper

~* all the shrinks from the mental unit i went to cos they pretended to understand and made me more depressed and nurse dawn cos she sectionned me.

~* the doctor for refusing to give me a brain transplant

~* TOWNIES - they just totally suck and they hate me and most the nasty ppl r townies and they just look shit, and start fights for no reason, lol

~*the tangerines at skool cos they wear too much orange fake tan and prance on the stage miming to girls aloud thinkin they look good stickin their arses out and they keep takin the piss too and they have such annoying laughs they made art hell.

~*the busdriver!! lol. she was a stupid ugly blob, and just because we got off like a mile too far (because she used a different bus route and we had no idea where we were) she had a go, and wudnt listen and was a right evil cow. and we had to walk about a mile home after a long day of shopping, finding posters hair dye and clothes for induction day, lol. anyway as i was saying she needs...

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