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WEB-LOG @ 31.03.2011

||| MY PAGES |||

26th February, 2012:

Life has been drifted to another land full of hostile challenges, although it couldn't dampen the fighting spirits and survival instincts, everything is still intact and able to perform well till now. The surroundings seemingly got starting to change in the late 2010 and soon everything got entangled and entwined in such a complicated manner that situation started to slip through despite having a strong measure to re-track and revamp my life to mitigate the effects of those scary events and turn all the changes to its original positions.

I desperately tried every possible measures to tame the pace of damages occuring to me for my ill mental health. Surviving a jilted affair may not be a big deal to others but for me it is proved to be fatal. My professional life suffer heavily, although I quitely managed to survive.

Then in the last part of January of 2011 I went home mainly to find a match to marry. After several attempts went futile, I have struck to her. Like mine, she was a broken heart too. The only difference was the time of the break up. For me it was nearly six months and for her it was less than six days. It was in deed a volatile situation.

Marriage was passed as usual, although I had to come to Coochbehar by General Coach, as Reservation was not available. But still it was okay for me as I was prepared for the marriage.

Marital life after few days started to be soured. It was just slipping out of my hand, it was so frastrating, it started to erode my mental health and started to affect my job life. From the very begining, I was not serious about my job, infact, I could never be able to work as a professional and it was my great defeat. I had always try to get fame in a rather unconventional and untested way and by doing so I have ruined my professional life.

11th October, 2011

Today is Tuesday, the day auspicious to the devotees of Bajrang bali Hanuman, a mythological character from the epic "Ramayana".

Last week was one of the horrible periods of time...
10th October, Monday

For the last 3 months life has gone through so many incidents, so many dramas and events, that have completely changed me....

¤ 22nd June, 2011

¤ For the last two months it was not possible to be online. Partially, due to shrinkages of available time and upto some extent is the un availability of internet connection while I was in Lumding. The last part of the April was hectic, as the pressure of completing the syllabus was intense. Some how I could finish the chapters before 28th April. Then the main pressure became my ensuing marriage on 5th May. There, it was 30th May, and I was still without any reservation. AC, Sleeper class all of them were houseful and tatkal was impossible, as for that I shall have to go a day before and stay inside the reservation counter. I was in grave danger of missing my own marriage.

12th APRIL, 2011

Today is Ram Navami. People thought today as holiday although it is workind day.
7th April: 2011

Yesterday, on the 6th of April, I have experienced a shocking incident. I was roaming in the road that goes to Rajnagar just beside the New Ghaziabad railway station. I was jotting down an article while walking leisurely. Suddenly a bike came from behind and the boy on the rear seat of the bike tried to grab my mobile, although my grip was solid strong, hence he was unsuccessful to snatch my mobile N-86 8MP. The incident was so shocking, that it shook me out of control. It shows that Raj Nagar is not at all safe. I have been living in Shastri Nagar and I can strongly say about so called "snatching". It can never happen in Shastri Nagar. It is quite unbelievable that someone walking while talking over phone and at that moment two guys on a bike come from behind and snatch the mobile and quickly run away, but, in Raj Nagar it happens, and it is my first hand experience.

On 2nd April, my younger brother Babun suffered a bike accident near New Colony. I am so worried about him. Not in a mood to take classes, yet, I shall have to take classes, that's frustrating in deed.
---- |) 02.04.2011 : Saturday

Today the final match of the cricket world cup, 2011 will be played between the two hosts India and Sri Lanka at Wankhede Stadium at Mumbai. In the semifinal India beat Pakistan at Mohali, Chandigarh. I know as my intuition says, India will win the match although the match will be an interesting battle between the best two teams in this tournament.

Wankhede Stadium at Mumbai was fully packed with spectators amid 7th level security arrangements. As the match started, Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat, remembering the dew factor normally associated with day and night matches. As the day progressed, Sri Lanka had started to show a strong temparament as Mahela Jayawardene displayed a world class performances while he reached a outstanding century (n. o. at 103). Due to the excellent batting of Mahela Sri Lanka scored 274/6 in the stipulated 50 over.

In a reply, India started disappointingly as it lost early wickets struck by Malinga. Both the opener Virender Sehwag & Sachin Tendulkar got out early, but, Gautam Gambhir, who is one of my favourite players lead the assault continue with the help of Virat Kohli. When Gambhir fell, being just 3 shorts of his personal century, Indian Captain M. S. Dhoni promoted himself to bat ahead of in form Yuvraj Singh. His gamble paid off and with the help of winning stroke for a six, he had proclaimed the trophy by beating Srilanka. He remained unbeaten on 91 personal score. Thus, India regain the cup after 1983 world cup won for India by Kapil Dev & his able warriors.

Proverb says, "All is well, if the end is well." It is true & in deed, it is a proverb which can be traced in almost all languages around the world. In all most all the human societies we can trace a similar kind of proverbs. What does it mean?

At the end, everything remains fine and I have finally got my relief back. Particularly, I was very concerned about my future life, I mean to say my conjugal life. Here, it is worth mentioning that despite being survived an intense jilted romance, I didn't lose the appetite to live and all credit goes to the mental state of my mind. The decision to shave my head was a correct decision, otherwise, it wouldn't be possible to lift myself out of the state of depression I had suffered during the last part of the year 2011.

On the 5th May, I am going to be married, so naturally, I am a bit tensed, if not restless or strained. She is a good girl and we are dating since 18th February. 2011.


Agomani Parghat is situated at east part of Agomani Circle Office and West bank of the Gangadhar river. It has historical importance in different ways. During the reign of Ahom King in Assam. Agomani Parghat was the centre place of education , Culture, Communication and revenue collection of local administrator. It was also a place of anchoring ship and boats of the merchant (Bonic). Gohain Kamal Ali(road) that runs from Silghagri of West Bengal via Kaldoba Bazaar to Agomani Parghat.There is also an aged tree which reminds us it’s past existence of Agomani parghat. The erosion of the river Gangadhar is now a burning problem to its future existence. We need sufficient Govt. aid to solve the problem of erosion to restore our historical place of importance.

Now, Agomani Parghat is well known for it’s “Charak Puja”. Charak Puja is being celebreted here since 1928. The Puja is celebrated at the last day of “Chaitra”(generally 14/15 of April) in every year . People of all religion get together to enjoy the festival. The specialty of this Charak Puja is that two persons(from Hindu religion) is placed on two sides of the Charak. Before placing them on the Charak, the pujari bites them with iron hookes on their back. Then they are hunged on two sides of the charka. The other Bhaktas make the Charak to move for seven times. During the movement two Bhakats bless the other persons specially to the childrens. Again the Pujari makes a hole of the tongues of another two Bhakta’s and put an iron rod through the hole of each of them. People believes that this strange is only possible due to the black incantation of the Pujari. Not a single drop of blood comes out from the back or the tongue of the four Bhakta’s.

Before performing the Puja , the Pujari and Bhaktas go to the river with the idle of Mahadeva to take bath. They have also performed religious rituals of the Puja.

The Charak Puja of Agomani Parghat celebreted its Diamond Jubilee on 14th April, 2003 with pomp and ceremony. About 20,000 thousands of people take part to enjoy the Diamond Jubilee.

As per religious belives of Hindus, the Charak Puja comes from the period of “Daksharaj”.

Daksharaj had no child. So , he pray to God for a baby. God “Bishnu” was satisfied at his pray and a female child was born in his family. Daksharaj named her “Shati”.When Shati attended the age of puberty, she was married to Mahadeva (Shiva) later on Daksharaj arranged a “Yagya” for the well fare of the “Devatas”. Daksharaj invited about 33 crores of Devtas but not his daughter in law at the Yagya. Being uninvited Shati went to thye Yagya and asked her father “why did he not invites her husband ?”. Daksharaj with the other Devtas replied that her husband was the regular smoker of “Ganja” and visitor smasher (cathedral) such a man was not fit for the Yagya. All the Devtas rebuked Mahadev. Even Daksharaj supported Devtas. At this condemnation of her husband, Shati sacrificed her life at the place of Yagya.

When Mahadeva came to know about the sad incident, he arrived at the place of Yagya. He took the dead body of Shati on his back and roamed around the heaven, earth and bowel of the earth. Mahadev got angry and created an Ashur, named “Birbhadra” and destroyed the Yagya. Bishnu felt quite uneasy the sudden change of Mahadeva. He thought about the well-begin of the Devta. Bishnu throw the “Sudarshan Chakra” at the dead body of Shati. As a result, the corpse turned into 107 pieces and dropped into 107 places. Later on all the 107 places turned into the holy places of Hindus. According to Hindu Mythology, the resurrection of Shati is “Kamakhya”. Kamakhya is well known as Charak among the Hindus. The emergence of Kamakhya is the beginning of the Charak Puja as explained by Subrata Sarkar, President, Charak Puja Committee on the Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

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