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nepali servant

After my mother got a job in a multinational bank, she no longer had time to do the housework. So my parents decided to get a full time maid. Rani was 20 years old when she came to our house. But she could easily have been mistaken for 18. She was a mountain girl, from a village somewhere in the hills of Nepal. Our factory’s watchman, who was also a Nepali, brought her to our house.

She had soft oriental features and a small girl’s body. She was quite pretty to look at, and sometimes when she’d be cleaning the house, I’d look at her, admiring her. Her body had just started showing the signs of girlhood. I could see the outline of her tits under her cotton dress, which was a little tight for her. She did not wear a bra. She did not own one.

Those days, I was in the first year of college. I didn’t have too many girlfriends and I definitely didn’t have any lovers. I was a horny college boy, with raging hormones, who masturbated looking at Hindi pulp movie magazines. I’d often fantasize about her too.

But she was too shy. I started spending more time at home in order to be near her. I smiled at her whenever I got a chance, treated her to tidbits. Ice cream and chocolates. She had never had ice cream ever before and she was like any other teenager. I talked with her. I became her friend. It was easy.

She would sometimes watch TV but never when I was around or when my parents were watching. She watched Hindi movie songs. She would sing while she worked around the house. Her childlike voice adding her own special music to the songs I started watching Hindi movie songs. It wasn’t very difficult persuading her to watch TV with me. Soon we were watching hot Hindi movie songs together. These songs were usually love songs, with suggestive lyrics and almost obscene dances.

Rani was trapped in an unfortunate existence. She had no friends, and her family was far away. I was her only friend. I started joking with her. Touching her sometimes casually. She did not seem to mind. I think she had a little bit of a crush on me. I was the only one who had ever treated her well.

She told me about her family. Her father had died when she was a toddler. She had two younger sisters and an old mother. Her mother worked as a part time maid for a businessman. She did not earn enough to feed all of them and so Rani was sent to the city to fend for herself.

I started acting as if I was in love with her. It was easy to sweep her off her feet. With liberal doses of Hindi movie dialogs, I convinced her. She confessed that she loved me too. I warned her to be careful when my parents were around.

One day when we were sitting together, watching TV, I pulled her to me and kissed her. Right on her lips. She was too surprised to react and after I let her go she ran away from the room with a coy smile. I knew that she was ready.

The next day I kissed her again, and this time I placed my hand on her left tit. I felt her go stiff I my hands. But she was too nervous and unsure to complain. I squeezed her tit gently. She drew in a deep breath, and tried to move out of my embrace, but I held her tight and she still didn’t complain. I squeezed her other tit too, enjoying the soft warm flesh through the thin cotton dress.

I kissed her lips and squeezed her buttocks, letting my hands explore her young body, slowly, softly. I held her tight and kissed her. Her eyes were half closed and her body went limp into my arms. Her body was responding. Instinctively she pushed herself against my body.

I pushed her dress up and touched the back of her thigh. She again went stiff in my arms. Her eyes opened wide in surprise. She was very new to all this. She was just a simple village girl and I was the first person to ever kiss her this way. I kissed her hard and I felt her body betraying her and reacting to my kisses. I moved my hand a little higher up her thigh. I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I wasn’t a virgin, but neither did I have much experience. At that time, I had only had sex with a classmate of mine, after I had got her drunk at a friend’s birthday bash. I was a hasty, messy experience. The rest of my sexual knowledge came from watching porn movies and reading.

But luck favoured me. Rani’s body was raging with puberty hormones. She was ready. Led my instinct and encouraged my whispered confessions of eternal love, she let me put my hand into her top without saying anything. I touched her tits. I was the first one to touch her that way. She was caught in mixed feelings she did not fully understand. I took advantage of her confusion to quickly pull off her top. Before she knew what was happening she was half naked.

I embraced her. She was a little scared now. She struggled a little in my arms as I kissed her tits, sucking them, licking them softly, using all the techniques I had read about. I felt her gasp and her breath quickened.

I opened the buttons of her skirt and pulled it off. She was fully naked in my arms. I ran my hands across every inch of her body and kissed her neck and her tits. I did not give her a moment’s chance to complain.

I quickly took off my clothes and embraced her. I felt her wonderful smooth creamy body on my naked skin. Her tits rubbed against the hair on my chest. I felt the nipples harden.

I picked her up in my arms. She was very light. I carried her to my room and placed her on the bed. Quickly placing my body over hers before she could get up. I started kissing her tits again. She arched her back and lifted herself slightly off the bed, her head thrown back and eyes almost closed.

I kissed lower, tracing the lines of her belly, moving my hands an her thighs. I touched her between her legs. She was a little wet. I placed my finger over her clit. Touched her gently, rubbing, first gently and slowly, the harder and faster. She was groaning in pleasure and breathing quickly.

I rubbed my erect cock against her leg. As I kept rubbing her clit, I tried to shove a finger into her but she was too tight.

It will be fun fucking be continued...

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