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Our neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Mehta, both are doctors. They have a busy schedule so mostly out at work in hospitals or sometimes even out of town for days together. They had one sexy young girl as maid to manage the house. She was very hot looking but stupid in the mind. She was age 20 with good boobs of 34 size, overall figure measuring about 34x26x38. Yes, her ass was much larger in proportion to the rest of the body. After all that’s what is most useful besides all other parts that are only starters. Her name is Kamna. She has medium fair skin, just mediocre looks but an erotic body (although she never realized it due to her stupid innocence.

I am Inder (21 age) doing my MBA living a few blocks away from Mehtas house. So in my free time whenever Mehtas were not at home I’d go and play innocent games with Kamna. I built up a quick friendly relationship with. She was always happy like a sweet child everytime I visited her. From another neighbor I heard that the Mehtas both were going abroad for two months. I was so excited to know that. I was in flights of fantasy imagining what a great time I could have with sweet Kamna. I waited eagerly for the Mehtas to get lost. They departed at 11am. In an hour I met Kamna. She was happy as well as relieved to see me again.

She said was afraid of getting bored alone at home. I promised her that I will never let that happen. Certainly I had plans of drifting her far from boredom into new planes of excitement which she was never exposed to earlier. It was lunchtime. She cooked both of us a nice meal. After eating the food we sat and chatted for a while. She was wearing an ordinary front-buttoned white shirt and a plain red nylon skirt with only an elastic band on waist (no fittings or fasteners). I got her excited with some jokes and stuff just to make her comfortable. Then suggested that we play blindfold hide-and-seek which was actually going to be slide-and-peek. I took the den first so I had to search for her. I tied my eyes with a hanky and started searching for her. She stupidly made noises making it easier for me to trace her. I simply acted as if I couldn’t catch her, just to get her more excited and involved. Finally I knew she was close to me on my right side. I grasped her tightly in my arms. She was laughing saying “oh no, you caught me” (obviously the entire conversation was in Hindi translated in English here).

But I didn’t leave her yet. My tightly clasped arms squeezed her soft body even more. She was really ignorant to know what I was upto. That gave me a better chance to do my own things. Then I released her and blindfolded her turning her round in circles to loose direction. Her head was spinning. She lost balance and crashed to the floor. Her knees were raised lifting the skirt up a bit. I could see her upper thighs, lush buttocks and pussy covered in a dark midnight blue panty inside. She didn’t know that. Then she got up and searched for me. While she went on searching for me, I silently locked up all the doors and windows for complete privacy and to avoid any sound going out just in case if she panicked later. The room was getting hot and stuffy with all doors and windows closed. I saw her sweating from head to toe. The sweat made her shirt damp sticking to the skin on breast area.

Her white bra began to show up with the tight boobs bursting out thru it. I could feel my own pulse accelerating intolerably. Felt like my whole body was on fire with the burning desire to see her naked and fuck her up thoroughly. She was shouting, “Where are you? Where are you?” I crept up in front of her from below grasped her by the legs raising her very high so that she couldn’t touch me at all. She said, “I got you!” I replied but you haven’t touched me with your hands yet. She was crying playfully. Then I asked her do you want to touch me. She said yes. I said ok I’ll lower you down. My face was below her skirt. I took a peek at her panty under the skirt. I didn’t want to remove my head out of it. So as I lowered her slowly, the skirt was getting lifted by my head. I lowered her till her pussy was right over my hungry mouth. I gnawed lightly on the panty threads as my hands pressed her soft tight ass.

Even though she was so ignorant she suspected what I was doing and why. She asked me that. I told her that now we were going to play a new game in which she should remain silent without making a single sound or any interference till the end of the game. Innocently she smiled and agreed. I said that I will be doing a few things and she only has to tell me how she feels, but only when I ask her. Otherwise she should keep silent or I will go and never come back again. I was her only friend and source of entertainment so she said ok.

I lowered her down standing on the ground without removing my head from the skirt. I pushed my whole body thru the skirt. We both were inside the red skirt but the elastic could not bear the width including me in it. It snapped and the skirt went down. She wasn’t sure what was happening. She did get some eerie feeling but remained silent, as I had instructed her strictly. I couldn’t believe her erotic appearance in only the white shirt giving a small glimpse of the midnight blue panty. The panty was so tight that her lower lips were protruding exuberantly exposing the deep cleavage between them. I didn’t touch her much to avoid her rebelling too soon before the actual action but simply opened each button of the shirt from bottom to top.

Before I opened the two uppermost buttons, for the first time she resisted tying to push me away. I reminded her to stay calm without breaking the rules of the game. She asked me but what game is this. Again I told her to keep quiet and that the game is to be experienced silently, not to be understood by words. She stayed calm and humble as I opened the last two buttons parting the shirt away, unveiling Kamna’s exquisite boobs captive in an unjust cheap ordinary white bra. When I removed the shirt completely she really revolted aggressively. I should’ve known that after all she wasn’t that dumb either. She tried to open the blindfold. Instantly I picked up her shirt from the floor and tied her hands behind. There was a sudden mature serious look on her face. Grimly she asked me, “Tell me honestly. What are you doing, Inderbhaiya? I know this is not any game”. I gave her warning that if she utters another word I will have to tie her mouth as well. She kept quiet with a little sad face.

I lifted her gently in my arms and carried her to the Mehtas’ master bedroom and lay her in the luxurious soft foam bed. Although she was tensed she liked the soft sensation of the bed which she had never felt before. She was feeling so comfortable. It seemed to soothe away much of her stress. I let her enjoy and get more comfortable in the lap of luxury before ravaging her tender figure with my hard, treacherous, male instinct. In some time the soft sensation of the foam bed really made her so relaxed that she was turning passionate for my touch. This was just not the silly ignorant Kamna I had always known. With her whole body in only the bra and panty she was swaying her legs wildly. Though I saw her getting uncomfortable with her hands tied under the back as she was lying front side up. I sat pressing my one thigh against Kamna’s soft sleek waist. Gently touching her bra, and gradually kneading on the large heavy boobs I pushed the bra parting it slightly away to reveal the tender nipples.

She was panting and moaning heavily. She was not able to enjoy due to the hands tied behind. I offered to release the hands only if she didn’t rebel anywhere in between again. She promised and urged me to free her hands. I turned her around facing down in bed and released the hands. She stretched them in relief. Immediately I pinned them under my hands into the bed suggesting her not to try making any moves at all. Obediently she stayed frozen in that position. Tenderly I unleashed the bra sliding it away and off her body. Then I put my hands under her squeezing and squashing the juicy balls immensely. She was suffering the rigidity on her tenderness but tolerantly remained silent avoiding any risks of provoking me again. Then I let my mouth savor on Kamna’s succulent flesh on the entire body, the neck, arms, back, buttocks, thighs and every juicy part. When my head was near her thighs, gracefully I pulled the panty down the legs and off the toes in a very slow manner.

She raised her one leg allowing me a wide perspective of her beautiful smooth dark cunt. The clit had parted wide enough to show the deeper parts inside the dripping pussy. Her inner juices were trickling down cutely inviting me to quench my thirst. I took the first lick of her sweet love-potion. After drinking loads of that I crept up licking her whole back while rubbing the dick hard between her buttocks. The friction made our skin burning hot. We both sweated buckets. After scraping through her ass for an extensive period I turned her facing up finally to have my first sight of her fully bare naked frontal portion. Damn! Her massive balls looked awesome as they bloomed in glory like two hot air balloons ready to take off. And the cunt was like a deep valley inviting me to take immerse my soul into it. I was so excited I didn’t bother about being nice to her. Instantly I grabbed her tits twisting and pulling the nipples and simultaneously thrashed my fully erect hard right into her cunt. I broke her seal in the first shot and repeatedly banged to the deepest parts. It all happened so fast that she hardly had anytime to react except for a mild squeak.

After that she was heaving and moaning desperately gasping for breath. I carried on humping her mercilessly. Finally she was crying violently in pain. But nothing would stop me now. I grazed her the sweet smooth pussy till it had lost all its timidness. Her whole body had turned burning red and swollen. I gave her a little break and started banging again for about 2 hours nonstop. She was totally exhausted by the end of it. I spent some more time caressing and cajoling her but then had to rush back home as it was getting late. Before I left she asked me to definitely come next day but not to start with any childish games.

That day onwards she wanted to play only adult games. We never missed any opportunity whenever her bosses were out even if it was for a short time. She had turned into a sex addict. So much that at times when I couldn’t make it to her place, she would take the initiative to come near my college campus. Such affairs are hard to kept secret especially in college campus. So eventually even some of my friends took turns with her. We all got into gangbanging Kamna. But she had grown capable enough to handle as many as 5 at a time. After a year I had to leave for U.S. for further studies. She was crying as if she was my wife who will miss me so much. I made arrangements for my friends to satisfy her but she insisted on having only me, as I was her first love. But whenever I visit India I still definitely meet up with her with a ticket to the moon

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