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My librarian Padmaja

Hello friends my name is kittu I will tell about my first encounter with my librarian name is padmaja.She looks damn sexy. While walking we can notice the curves. I am fond of her and dreamed of fucking her. She lives in our street only. One fine morning I had gone to buy a milk packet she too came and she suddenly fainted. I am confused and called an auto rickshaw and put her in it and gone to her house. I hold her But accidentally her soft boobs touching me and letting fire in me. I opened her house and placed her on the bed.

She looks so sexy And I placed a wet cloth on her face. But no response from her. Suddenly current is off. I see her body is getting wetted.I Take her pallu from her body and I saw her boobs also opened her jacket and bra and freed the boobs but my hands shivered. With a plastic one I start fanning her for air. But I looked her boobs only. I out of fire in my body started sucking her boobs she made some sounds and I stopped with fear she slowly opened her eyes and shocked to see me. While she is half naked. She shouted at me and asked what happened. She recognized me as I belong to her college.

So told me thanks for me and I departed to my home. Next day in college I went to college she laughed at me and told me to come evening to her house. In the evening I went to her house. She is wearing a transparent red sari with pink blouse. She asked me whether I kissed her boobs yesterday she asked me to tell truth. I told her the truth. She shocked at me. But after some time she thanked more and talked about his children and his husband. Suddenly her husband came she introduced him to me. He told me to visit their house when I am free. Next day also I went to her house and her husband is packing his shirts I asked what happened he must go to camp for a week. He told me to spend week with her family. I said day she ranged to me that I will come to her house. I agreed to come. I gone to her house at 9 pm all her children are sleeping She is so sexy wearing a blue silk saree.we talked both closely. I told that she is very beautiful and I told many more.

She showed me time and we gone to her bedroom to sleep she asked me to sleep with her only. I told that my problem that is I will place my legs on whomever sleeps with me she agreed we began sleep at night 10:00.At 11:00 I waked up suddenly saw my legs on her. I noticed her navel and stomach her visible cleavage. I started kissing her navel she suddenly woke up and I told please madam and touch her feet. She was flat and started exploring her body started sucking her navel and removed her sari and she cooperating with some sounds like mamma......and bitted her stomach I kissed her lips with so much interest's kissed her lips for at least 10min suddenly I get up and asked for honey bottle she gave me and removed all her clothes and poured honey she agreed to me.

And is started kissing her nipples what a nipples and boobs they are like mangoes is started kissing them she is making ahahahaha sounds. I came down and placed my tongue in her cunt she shouted greatly and sucked them for half an hour. lastly I asked her to come to bath room we played in the water I propose her the doggy position she agreed and we first failed but slowly I inserted into her ass is soft ,she suddenly cried . I started pushing forwards and back wards finally she became sexy. And finally i placed her on the bed and placed my rod into her and gave some nice strokes and calling padmaja padmaja.Finally cummed Into her.

We continued two hours... I waked up morning sucking her boobs.she told me that she satisfied with me and told me to continue this night also..... Next night we had seen te film shabd in which aishwary rai will be having her first night with sanjay. After finshing cinema i told padmaja to begin in that movie i started kissing her rosy lips and removed her saree only.then i came to her navel and kissed it.she became horny and i started removing all her clothes now both are naked.I told her to close her eyes.she closed and i told i am puttin a lollipop into her mouth she agreed but she dont know i am putting my rod.I poured some honey on my rod and placed into her mouth.for 5 minutes she sucked it and tasted.Suddenly she open her eyes and see my cock and laughed at me and surprised.

Then i layed on her bed and i placed her lehs on my shoulder and started tasting her cunt she released her juices more and i am tasting she made some sounds like cat.At last we had 69 position.Lastly my favourite position doggy position i put into her hole she is sounding ah ah aha h am amamam amaa aaaaa... i stroked forwards and backwards......lastly I cummed into her..we spent atleast 5 hours that night. I continued this for a week. after that her husband came and whenever her husband go to camps we are enjoying ourselves fully. mr1362002

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