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The Art Of Presentation

The 15th of Feb 2000, it was a long & hard day, I had been in office from 7.00 am, giving final touches to my presentation which I was to make in front of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, the DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), the visiting delegation of Industrialist from Korea & other distinguished guest & pillars of the Indian Industry. My presentation was on 20th Feb 2000, at the Crystal Room at the Oberoi Towers, The topic was “The Future of the Indian Industry – 2000 – 2010”.

For the first time I was nervous, I had never made a presentation in front of such distinguished personalities & guests, I went over my presentation again & again, trying to memorise all the stats & figures, my opening note & my closing, thought I knew my presentation by heart, still the fear of “me messing up” at the last minute was always there, this was a God sent opportunity to make an impression in front of who’s who of the industry, of which I was a consultant.

Standing at the French windows of my cabin situated on the 14 floor at Nariman Point, the view of the sea was breath taking, may be because I was normally so engrossed in my work & projects, that I never really took time out to enjoy this view or maybe I was so mentally tired that this view gave me a breadth of fresh air & soothed my stressed up nerves, that I felt relaxed.

The staff had already left at 6.00 pm & I was alone, I did not expect any visitor or customer, so had locked my office from the inside, I needed a cup of coffee desparately, so walked to the pantry & poured myself some coffee from the pot & walked back to my cabin, I was back at my laptop preparing the graphs, just then the door bell of my office rang, thinking to myself who it may be, I opened the door of my office, a woman in her early 30’s stood at the door, she was about 5’6” tall, wheatish complextion, wearing a burgundy coloured saree, with long hair plated right down to her waist which had fallen over her shoulder on her chest.

“Yes How Can I Help You” I asked, she smiled, I could see two lovely dimples on her left cheeks, they looked beautiful & added value to her beautiful smile. I am Ms Rakhee Sinha, I have come from Mr Valecha’s office, I am his personal secretary, she said handing over a pouch of documents, Mr Valecha was the under secretary to the DGFT and was a well known personality in Industrial Bigwigs. “he has also told me to help if you need any clarification on the data given to you….so may I come in ???” I had totally forgotten, that Ms Rakhee Sinha was still standing in the corridor, “…..Errr, Yes please do come in….I am sorry” “Would you like to have some coffee???....I asked, “Yes, some coffee should be fine” she answered, I showed her into my cabin & went into the pantry to get some coffee for Ms Rakhee.

“Here Ms Rakhee… I handed her the coffee mug, just call me Rakhee….she said sipping at her coffee, I pulled out the papers from the pouch & started to study them, everything seemed fine, except that the statistics for the year 1998 were not correct, I brought this to the notice of Rakhee & it seemed that there was a problem, she wipped out her laptop & started scrolling through her data, it was already 9.30 pm & I was hungry, I had skipped lunch & was on coffee the whole day, “Can we do this tomorrow ?? it must be getting late for you…I asked Rakhee, Its alright…I am a PG at Warden Road & my folks have no problem with me coming late at night, so don’t bother.

Its 9.30 pm already, can we go find ourselves some dinner, I am sure you must be hungry too, Yes, I am hungry, Rakhee said looking over her laptop at me…lets go. I drove my car out of the car park & drove to a good restaurant at Colaba, we ordered for a beer & the food, while the food was awaited, we got talking, Rakhee was a post graduate in Foreign Trade & had worked with a few export houses before she got into DGFT’s office, her knowledge as phenomenal, she came from a middle class family from Delhi, one elder sister who was married to a Army Officer, now based at the Wagah Border, she had mostly lived her life out of Delhi after her post grads & was very keen about sports & fitness. The food was served in a few minutes, we had a good meal.

We got back into the car & reached office it was 11.30 pm when we reached office, Rakhee seemed a bit high, probably from the beer, as she got out of the car she almost tripped & fell, I some how managed to straighten her & we walked to the lift & then into my office. The beer was really getting at Rakhee, she was slightly tipsy, I told her to go & have a wash & she would feel fresh again, I showd her the loo. It was quite a while & she had not come out, so I slowly pushed the bathroom door & peeped in, Rakhee had dropped her saree, ghagra to the floor & was sitting naked on the floor, she was totally wet, the shower was running & Rakhee was dripping from all over. I quickly rushed in & pulled her up, she stood up, “What happened ??? I asked, I opened the wrong tap until I found the right one I was wet all over…Never mind I said, just then my eyes fell on her breast, they must have been 32 D, round & hard, the blouse was low cut & being wet I could see all of them. I had not seen a sight such as this, a lady fully wet standing in front of me only with her blouse on, with the pretex of helping her I put my hands around her waist, she did not protest, but she turned around & looked me straight into the eye, her looks had changed, she was not the same Rakhee that had walked into my office at 8.30 that night.

Its O.K Samar, I wanted you the moment I saw you today evening, this was a surprise to me, I picked up her saree & ghagra & we walked out of the bathroom, I gave her a towel to dry herself, she said she was too weak to wipe herself & asked me to do the honours, I tried to make her see reason, but she insisted that I wipe her, she was in her senses now, “you will have to take your blouse & undergarments off if I have to wipe you” I said, she willingly unbuttoned her blouse,bra & slid down her panties. She stood stark naked in front of me. I was getting a hard on, I went forward & started to wipe her, as I progressed from her head downwards, I was fully erect, I cupped her boobs, they were hard & too big to fit in one hand, moment I rubbed one of them she moaned oooohhhh !!!! I was getting anxious, I rubbed the second breast aaaahhhhhh !!!! another moan went off her mouth, I could not hold it any more, here was a woman who wanted me for almost 3 hrs & I was being a goody goody boy.

I dropped the towel & picked her up carried her to my data room & placed her on the sofa cum bed, I dropped my clothes & within minutes both of us were stark naked, I went down on her & kissed her, her lips were full, she was there waiting for this moment, she clasped her arms around me & we smooched passionately, I slid my hands on her breasts, they were large & round, her nipples were standing erect & jutting into my muscular chest, I took one of them into my mouth & sucked hungrily at them, she moaned again aaaaahhhhhh…pls don’t stop Samar…pls don’t, I continued sucking one & carressing the other, she was enjoying every bit of it, I then slowly started biting her erect hard nipples,she shuddered under me, I could feel the vibrations pass right through me, uuuuhhhhhh….aaaaahhhhhhh…..oooooooohhhhhhhh !!!! yes Samar do it !!! bite them off !!!! don’t stop yes….yes…aaaaahhhhhh.

I slowly moved downwards, my hands reached her navel & kept slowly massaging it, she was in seventh heaven, my hand slid below into the bush, encircling the pot of love, she started moving her hips to the rhythm of my hand, slowly but steadily both of us were progressing, my fingers reached the bull’s eye & I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy, she was wet all over & the juices were flowing out, she was dripping alright, I slowly slid down on her body & put my lips on her pussy, the smell of urine mixed with the juices from her vagina made a excellent combination, I opened her lips & slid my tounge in aaaaaaahhhhhhh…..oooooohhhhhhh ………ooooooooohhhhhh, Rakhee could not hold herself now, she was going wild with ecstacy, she pushed my head with her hands hard into her crotch until my nose & mouth were half way through her dripping pussy, I put my tounge out & kept licking hungrily inside her pussy, she was now now banging her pussy on my mouth, I turned around & pushed my hard 6.5” dick into her mouth, she sucked at it as though it was the last time she was to suck anything. I pumped her mouth, she was enjoying it, she wanted to say something, but could not due to my cock being right in there.

We were in the 69 position for about 15 minutes, both of us were out of our wits now & hungry for each others bodies, I turned around & inserted my hard & sticky cock with her saliva into her pussy, she screamed aaaaaahhhhhh !!!!! I started pumping slowly at first, then with stronger force, in & out…..she match my rhythm oooooohhhhhh….aaaaaahhhhh…..yes ….yes go on Samar fuck me…..aaaaahhhhh !!! do it yes … do it…..her screams gave me vigor to pump harder & faster oooohhh ya….fuck me ….oooohhhhh !!! she held me hard & her nails bit into my back, our bodies were singing the same song, a duet, perfectly in tune after having pumped her for a while, I turned her over & shoved my hard on into her pussy from behind, aaaahhhhhh… she screamed again, I started pumping her and bent over her to carress her breast with both hands, yes….yes…fuck me …..fuck me hard…..aaaaaahhhhhh….aaaaahhhhhhh don’t stop…..fuck me hard…tear my pussy apart Samar….shove it right in …… I kept the pace, I was now sweating from the exertion & so was she, sweat was dripping from our bodies, but neither of us wanted to stop.

I then thought of an idea, “why don’t we fuck under the shower ???” the water is cold & it would be a different experience, she jumped at the idea, we both ran to the bathroom & I ran the shower, It was a great feeling with cold water running down our sweating bodies, we hugged each other & I turned her over & started fucking her again, after about 15 minutes I exploded in her with loads of cum. We both lay there in each other’s arms smooching & cuddling each other.

The next morning Rakhee got dressed & went straight to her office, making sure that she would come that evening “to clarify my doubts about the presentation”.

This a unusual experience but true, hope you have enjoyed reading it.

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