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CD carnival

This is the story between cross dressers and their Lesbian sex. Those who are not interested please ignore this story. If you enjoy the story pls send the comments are appreciated at

Hai to all of my CD and Gay friends,

Iam Leela again, This time iam going to tell about one of my Cross dressing experience in Chennai.

Every year there is a Temple festival will be held in Saidapet which is in Chennai. In that festival lots of cross dressers and shemales will join and celebrate it. Its not a big festival like KOOVAGAM, but in that festival lot of CD’s and shemales will join there. I heard about it from one of my CD friend. I planned to visit that festival.

The day has come. I told to my parents that iam going for a group study with my friends and got the permission from my parents to stay out side. In the evening I had a nice shave and neat dress and I took my make up set along with me and went to Saidapet.

The festival is started in the riverside, which is near the bus stand. It’s a down area from the main road, It’s a big slum but the peoples are looked so good and sweet their I seen lot of lovely Shemales and Cross dressers all are in nice costume and costly saree’s.

Only sad thing is I don’t know any one there. I just round here and there in front of one house I found lot of cross dressers sitting and having there make ups. They all are busy with their make up. I went close to them and watching them. They all are looked at me but dint tell anything to me. Them self they are enjoying they cracking lot of jokes and funny talk’s all impressed me.

One of our sister looked at me and asked, “Do you want to change your dress?” I smiled at her and said, “No, I dint bring my dress, I just want to have some make up”.

She turned towards other sister and told her to move a bit. She smiled and invited me to sit near her.

I opened my make up set and started to do dressing to my face. That sister, which spoke to me first her name, is Sushma, she gave a small handy mirror and helped me.

I was busy with my make up. Sushma turned and looked at me for a second and told, “You are looking very good, Just comb your hair and wear this clip it will make you more beautiful” and gave two butterfly clip to me.

I took centerline and combed my hair. Our sister’s entire look very beautiful in saree’s but iam the only one CD in pant shirt. I felt very sad to be there with them. My eyes started to release the tear.

At that time I heard a voice. “Lovely, You will look more beautiful in saree”.

I turned and looked at the side the voice came.

There I found an Angle standing in a nice Red colour silk saree. The border of the saree is fully with gold thread and she is wearing lot of jewels in her neck and a bunch of jasmine flower in her hair. She wear her saree in her low hip it made her more sexy. She must be below 40yrs, nice fair and medium body.

I smiled at her, she replied the same to me. She came close to me and asked, “What is your name pretty girl?”

“Vicky” I replied.

“I don’t want that name, I want to know this pretty girls name” she showed me and pinched my cheeks with love.

I said, “I am Leela”

“Lovely name, and I am Ranjini” she introduced herself.

Next second all of our sisters welcomed her. One girl brought a chair for Ranjini to sit.

Ranjini hold my hand and sat in the chair. She pulled me towards her and asked, “Do you want to wear a saree?”

Her question gave refreshment to me. I eagerly shaked my head and said “Yes, yes”.

Ranjini turned towards Sushma and asked “Can you give a saree for me”

Sushma said “Of course, just wait a second” she told and went inside to a hut in the opposite side.

All of our sisters speak nicely with Ranjini, Ranjini is ver familiar in that place. I eagerly waiting to wear the saree, I keep on thinking in my mind what saree she is going to bring and what colour she is going to bring I had lot of questions in my mind.

After few minutes Sushma came out from her hut with a nice sexy yellow colour nylex saree with red flower design and black colour blouse and inner skirt and white colour bra. I am very excited to see that at that time. I turned towards Ranjini and said my first thanks to her then to Sushma. I was very happy I don’t have words to describe that moment. This time also my eyes are filled with tears because of excitement.

Ranjini tapped my buttocks and asked, “Are you happy Leela?”

I dint answer her just gave a big hug and a small kiss on her cheeks.

“Good girl, go and change your dress dear” she said to me.

I searched for a closed area to change my dress.

“Why you are feeling shy? We all are girls only change it here itself” one of the shemale in the crowed said this to me.

I smiled at her and looked Ranjini, Ranjini shaked her head and said change it here itself.

I moved to a corner to change my dress, first I wear the inner skirt and then put my hand inside the inner skirt and removed my pant, then I turned towards the wall and removed my shirt and then I removed my inner bannian when iam removing my bannian I looked at Ranjani she is sitting comfortably and watching me. I smiled at her but she dint reply, she is keep on watching my body. I understood watching my sexy body impressed her.

There I understood all are impressed with my fair body. I hear a silent there in that place.

Then I started to wear the bra it’s a used bra but very clean I smelled the washing soap’s smell in that bra, it’s a sponch filled bra. The bra is very loose fit for me. Sushma said, “Give that to me dear I will adjust and give that to you”. I covered my chest with one hand and gave the bra to Sushma. After few minuets she made some adjustment and gave it back, after that adjustment is fit for my chest. Then I weared the blows it’s a sleeve less blows and it made in very thin and transparent cloth it exposed my bra out side, I always keep my armpits very clean shave so its not a problem for me to wear a sleeveless blows.

I stood half nude in front of every one. Sushma showed the mirror to me I looked great in that, I can’t believe its me, I looked like cine actress Simran. One of the shemale sister told, “Wear the saree then only you must know how beautiful you looks in this dress”.

Then only I realize I don’t know to wear saree. This is the first time iam going to wear a saree. I don’t know what to do, I just tried my self to tie a saree but I cant I feeled so bad.

Another shemale friend asked, “Hey, you don’t know to wear a saree?”

Innocently I shaked my head and said, “No”.

Next second all our friends and sisters started to laugh including Ranjani and Shushma. I am ashamed of my self.

I started to cry, after seeing that iam crying Sushma came to help me.

But Ranjani got up from the chair and came near to me. Sushma just stood near me, Ranjani took the sari from me and started to tie in my body. She came very close to me and I feeled the warm breath in my face. Her perfume smell made some reaction inside my body. All of our sisters came close and started to watch us.

Ranjani took the edge of the saree in her hand and insert in the inner skirt, I feeled the warmness of her finger in the lower stomach. After taking his finger from the inner skirt Ranjani asked, “Are you wearing panty now”.

I replied, “Yes, Why?”

Again they all started to laugh. I don’t understand why they are laughing. Ranjani control her smile and told, “You pretty girl remove the panty and feel the freedom”.

But except Ranjini all are still laughing. I lifted my inner skirt and insert my hands under it and removed my underwear. At that time one naughty shemale lifted my skirt full and had look at my bum and said to the other friends, “Lovely fair and tender asshole this girl is having di” I feeled very proud.

Ranjini asked that naughty shemale, “Really?”

She replied, “Yes, madam if you don’t believe me, take a look”

Ranjini brought her face behind me and lifted my inner skirt and looked my ass and said, “You are right” on that time I feel her warmness in my neck. Her heat lighted the fire in my body.

I feeled very shy, I understood they are teasing me. Also I know that is just for fun nothing serious in that.

Ranjini wore the saree in north Indian style. In that style I exposed my stomach, navel and all. All of our Sisters said I am looking gorgeous in that costume.

Sushma asked me, “Leela, do you want to see your self fully”

“Yes” I shaked my head to her.

She holds my hand and took me to her hut. One shemale shouted at Suhsma, “Hey Bitch, She is also a girl don’t do anything wrong there”
all started to laugh including me.

The festival started around 10 p.m. I started to pray to the god, “God, I want always to be with this sisters, please help me.”

There is nice dance and songs all performed by our sisters. Very fun and joy full night is that in my life.

Around 12 o clock, Ranjini came near me and asked, “Leela, What you are going to do now, are you going to stay here or you are moving to your home.”

I said, “I told my parents I will come tomorrow only, I don’t know what to do now? And where to stay?”

Ranjini kept her hand on my head and said, “If you don’t mind you will spend this night in my home, I am alone only”.

I excepted this chance, so I accept her offer.

We both said bye to every one and started to leave, Ranjini said to Sushma that I would give the saree tomorrow which iam wearing.

Sushma accept it she came close to me and hold both of my hand and said, “Leela, you must keep in touch, don’t forget us.”

“Sure Sushma, I wont forget you all and this night in my life” I replied and started to walk to the road.

In one corner there stood a luxurious car. Ranjini took me to that car and opened the door, and then only I come to know that’s Ranjaini’s car.

She drove the car for few minuets after that we reached a place in Kovalam. She stopped the car in front of a buglow, the buglow is very close the beach even I seen the beach in that midnight I heard the sound of the waves also.

Ranjini came down from the car and opened the gate of that bungalow in side the bungalow there are 4 German shepherd dogs in huge size. I got scared to see such a big dogs. After seeing Ranjani they came close and played for few seconds. Ranjani took the car inside the bugalow and closed ...

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