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Multimedia gallery

¤*] Characters [¤*

Main Characters

Himura Kenshin
Nickname: Hitokiri Battousai,Himura Battousai Realname:Shinta Birthday: June 1849 Age: 28 Height: 158cm Weight: 48kg Blood Type: AB School:Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu Waza (special moves): Ryusousen, Doryusen, Ryutsuisen, Souryusen, Souryusen-ikazuchi, Hiryusen, Ryushousen, Ryushousen-tsumuji, Ryukansen, Kuzuryusen, Amakakeruryunohirameki Weapons: sakabatou(reverse-bladed sword)broken by Soujirou, sakabatou-shinuchi(new reversed bladed sword) The main character of the story. Once,he was a Hitokiri but now a rurouni. Many events happen to him and it pops out once a while in the manga. He is the best Hitokiri where the people has even made him"Hitokiri Battousai" a legend. Now,he lives at the Kamiya Dojo with Kaoru and the others, but still his peace stirs when these 'enimies from the past' came...... An invincible swordsman with a strong sence of justice. Used to be a killer to help usher Japan to a new era. Now a wanderor, carries a special sword whose cutting and blunt edges are reversed, allowing him to put attackers out of the weak without killing them. A 28-years old unisexual samurai.He was an assassin, an invincible swordsman who fought for the Meiji Era. A master of Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu, he used his prowess to bring about change. He was only fourteen, barely a man, when he started killing for the Meiji restoration. His life had been full of killing and murder, but all was for the future. He believed that if his sword could make a difference, then he would do anything to make that difference a reality. He believed that after all the bloodshed that he had caused, there would be peace in the end.
When his job as a Hitokiri had already been completed, he just disappeared and was nowhere to be seen for the past 10 years. Now, he has come back to life. He has risen from the dead silence of his bloodstained past and come back with a new face, and a new principle. He may have killed before, but everyday he is making up for all the lives that were claimed by his sword in the past. He doesn’t believe that killing will do any good, not anymore. He was blinded before, but he can see clearly now. He doesn’t hold a katana anymore, but a sakabatou instead. It is a reverse-edged sword that would only knock the person unconscious, instead of killing him. But Battousai is not yet dead. He still lives within him, surfacing in times of dire circumstances. But for now, he is Himura Kenshin, the gentle and caring all-around guy.

Kamiya Kaoru
Name: Kamiya Kaoru Nickname: Kenjutsu Komachi Birthday : June 1862 Age: 17 years old Height: 155cm Weight: 41kg Blood Type: O School: Kamiya Dojo Weapon: Shinai,Bokutou Technique: Kamiya Kasshinryu Kamiya Kaoru, a strong and straight forward girl who lives alone in the Kamiya Dojo, teaches her school 'Kamiya Kasshinryu' for a living.She first met Kenshin in the street of Kyoto where he rescued her from the fake Bathousai. Her problems were solved by him except for now, she's alone at the Dojo as there is no students for the name of Kamiya Kasshinryu is tarnished by the bad guys.She's the one who persuade Kenshin to stay at the Dojo and from there on, they …… Adjutant master of the Kamiya Swordsmanship Dojo (training facilities). Good nature, but strick and stubborn when it comes to swordsmanship. A 17-year old maiden attracted by Kenshin. She is a master of the Kamiya Kashin Ryu, and she teaches the art to her students. After her father died, she had to take care of herself and the dojo. She managed to do it because of Dr. Genzai who helped her in that task. She first met Kenshin on a foggy day while she was searching the streets for the fake Battousai who was responsible for the murders in town. She had mistaken Kenshin as the culprit, but as she confronted him, she saw that he wasn’t capable of doing that, with the sakabatou, the innocent looks and all. (Oh, but He IS capable… very much capable, in fact…). Kenshin saved her from being slashed by the killer, who turned out to be a former student of Kaoru’s late father. Kaoru is a strong character and she fights for justice. She doesn’t want anybody being bullied around and made fun of, although she often gets that from Sano and Yahiko. She takes care of the dojo and manages the household where she lives with the rest of the gang. She is responsible indeed, feeding those additional three guys she call her family. She may be dressed in a neat kimono, but she isn’t some bonbon you can push around. She fights for what is right and nobody can stop her once she’s begun, except maybe Kenshin. It seems that she has developed a penchant for the guy. Wait til you see her drunk...

Myoujin Yahiko
Name: Myoujin Yahiko Birthday: January 1869 Age: 10 years old Height: 128cm Weight: 23kg Blood Type: B School: Kamiya Dojo Weapon: Shinai Technique: Kamiya Kasshinryu Myojin Yahiko, a proud and brave boy who was forced to be a pickpocket during the Meiji era, until he is saved by Kenshin and brought to Kaoru to be her student. Yahiko wanted Kenshin to be his sensei but Kenshin declined and Yahiko accepted Kaoru to be his sensei. Myojin is determined to become strong and he now lives in the Dojo. A former pickpocket Kenshin has saved from a group of yakuza (gangsters). A 10-years old boy who has an aspiration to become "more strong". He was a pickpocket before Kaoru barged in on his life and made some small repairs. He did it because of some non-existent loan his parents made, that those mean Yakuza insisted that he pay for. He tried stealing Kenshin’s wallet but failed since Kaoru came to the rescue. In the end, he involuntary became Kaoru’s student, uh let me correct that, Kaoru’s only student. He learned well from Kendou and continues practicing until he becomes like Kenshin. He’s a descendant of a samurai family. His father died defending his feudal lord and his mother worked hard to raise him. He’s a good kid, with a hard head, and an extremely large appetite. He always gets in trouble with Kaoru and they fight like animals. Yahiko is quite a troublemaker and one of his quests almost cost Kenshin his life. He can sometimes be a little arrogant, but he comes around with a whack on the head by the mother he never had – Kaoru. Despite his disposition, you can count on him. He’s brave and he can stand up for himself, given the chance. He doesn’t like being pushed around and being treated like a kid, because in his opinion, he isn’t a kid anymore. Well, at least he tries not to act like one.

Sagara Sanosuke
Name: Sagara Sanosuke Nicknames: Toriatama, Sano, Zanza Birthday: February 1860 Age: 19 years old Height: 179cm Weight: 71kg Blood Type: B Weapon: Zanbatou (broken by Kenshin), Bare Hands Sagara Sanosuke, a person who loves to fight at the district of Kyoto, he is very strong but lost to Kenshin. It was only after that they became good friends and lived at the Dojo. One thing bad about him, he's always free and does nothing to help with the expense of the Dojo and he always bicker with Kaoru and Megumi and of course he would always use Kenshin as a shield when they start throwing things at him. ^_^xHaha.Ok, some strong points of him. He learn the Futai no Kiwami from Anji when he was lost in the forest to Kyoto.Later,when he fought Anji,he learn the Kiwami Hazushi Defense.... A former fighter defeated by Kenshin in a duel. Now admires Kenshin's superiority. A 19-years old young man who has strong hostiliy toward the establishment. He used to be some kind of bully, looking for fights everywhere to hone his skills in fighting. He used to carry a Zanbatou, a huge sword that was once used by warriors who rode on horses, but it was cast aside because it was hard to maneuver because of its size. He picked a fight with Kenshin, but lost. No, he wasn’t some bitter loser who hungered for vengeance, instead, he admired and respected Kenshin after the incident. He is jobless and he always performs an “eat-and-run” at their favorite restaurant. He is a surviving member of the Sukiho Troop whose members were assassinated ten years ago. Sanosuke got his last name from the Captain, his mentor and idol. The desire to revive the famed organization still lurks deep within him. The memory of being one with the Troop will never fade away. To him, Captain Sagara still lives, and he will always be someone he will respect.
Sano is a very strong human (?) being and now that he isn’t using the Zanbatou which he uses very well, he just uses his bare hands, but still it has quite the same effect as being hit with the immense sword. He refuses to be left out during fights, and he always wants a piece for himself. He’s very tall and his built wouldn't really give you the idea that he's very strong - a concrete example of how looks can deceive people.

Takani Megumi
Name: Takani Megumi Nickname: Ahen Ona,Lady Fox Birthday: December 1857 Age: 22 years old Height: 166cm Weight: 45kg Blood Type: B School: Western Medicine Weapon: - Takani Megumi, a woman who was forced to produced drugs by the bad guys, later rescued by Kenshin. She's an experience doctor and proved handy when they got hurt.The person who inspired her to live on is Kenshin and therefore she became a doctor in order to save lives to repay for the sins she has make when she was forced to produce drugs. She's always bickering with Kaoru and Sanosuke. By the way, she's not living at the Dojo but often visits them. Megumi is the daughter of the great doctor Takao Takani. She belonged to a family that was famous for the great doctors they turned out. She lost them six years ago because their family had a war with the Imperial Army and the burning of their house at Izu ended the dispute. Since then, she had been alone she supported herself by working as an assistant to a doctor who sold opium on the side. Her employer was killed and she was forced to make her special recipe of opium for Mr. Takada. Sano’s friend, Yoda, got killed because of this opium, hence the initial spite towards the woman.
Megumi wanted so much to be like his father, but she feels that she has disgraced her family by being the fire that ignited the wick of people’s lives. She tried to commit suicide because she felt worthless, that she deserved to die for what she has done. She always wanted to have a family and she thought she’d never realize that dream, until she met the Kenshin and the rest of the gang. She’s good at pharmacology, and soon after being rescued from the clutches of Takada and the Oni gang, she studied under Dr. Genzai to be a great doctor, just like her father. Besides busying herself with her medical duties, she also spends her time raising hell out of Kaoru by flirting with Kenshin. She’s also clever and mischievous at times. You'll know it's her once you see the fox ears popping up.

Shinomori Aoshi
Aoshi is the leader of the Oniwabanshu. He is a very skilled swordsman and he almost defeated Kenshin in their first match. He is a master of kempo and his technique is the Nitou Ryuu. He has an intense desire to be the most powerful, so he continues to battle the one who has the coveted title. He will crush anyone who dares to get in his way - may he be friend or ...

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