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lucian x calmon hlz - Newest pictures

Heroes Lore Zero Guide

[ Combo Sets, Tips & Tricks, Item List ]

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( Note : For Symbianize Members only/Needs Registration )

Continuation of the South Korean trip! Beautiful graphics, an intriguing plot, open multiple endings. 6 locations, over 400 items and weapons, More than 100 monsters, 30 skills, 30 levels available. Compete with the main monster that would remember your young warrior skills...


» "Berserker"
Gunblade (lvl 45) (3 slots)
Axe (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Blunt (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Gloves [Light Armor] (lvl 40) (1 slot)
Chest [Light/Heavy Armor] (lvl 40) (3 slots)
Acessory (lvl 40) (4 slots)
Set Bonus :
10% Life Leech

» "Frostwave" (LightArmor)
Chest (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Gloves (lvl 60) (1 slot)
Boots (lvl 60) (1 slot)
Set Bonus :
Gain Max Movement Speed

» "Templar" (HeavyArmor)
Chest (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Gloves (lvl 60) (1 slot)
Boots (lvl 60) (2 slots)
Set Bonus :
Gain Max Movement Speed

» "Red Lion"
2 Hand Sword (lvl 65) (6slots)
Shield (lvl 65) (6 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)
Winged Headgear (lvl 58) (3slots)
Set Bonus :
10% Life and Mana leech

» "Thunderstorm"
Eruption Dagger (lvl 65) (6slots)
Sudden Strike Dagger (lvl 60) (3slots)
Thunderstorm Gun (lvl 60) (3 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)
Set Bonus :
10% Life Leech
Must equip 2 dagger or 2 gun to receive its bonus

» "Seal"
Dagger (lvl 58) (6 slots)
Headgear (lvl 65) (3 slots)
Accessory (lvl 55) (6 slots)
Set Bonus :

» "Wig, Top, Sweep"
Headgear (lvl 25) (3 slots)
Chest (lvl 25) (3 slots)
Boots (lvl 25) (1 slot)
Set Bonus :
Change in appearance, use in quest in Humming City / Stat Bonus

Note : must equip 3 set items at the same time to gain the set bonus.


To unlock the gunblader, take the arena quest which can be obtained inside the inn of Humming City, after finishing the arena, open all the chest, you will obtain the "mark of the champion", talk to the lady, then talk to Leonille, he's on the right part of the inn, take the gunblading quest, then finish the arena again, open all the chest in the end of the arena, then your gunblading quest is complete, talk to Leonille again, then gunblader proffession is unlocked.

To unlock elementalist proffession, you must unlock gunblader proffession first, after unlocking gunblader, finish the story, then the game will restart in expert/hell mode, make progress until you make a pact w/ Calmon, then the elementalist proffession is automatically unlocked.

Fill up your inventory w/ a 99x equivalent on every slots except on the place for your equipments (swords, shields, armors etc.), the effect is you'll get a higher chance to get rare equipments (not useless potions or some crappy things like stupid crystals because you can buy it on the shop XD) when opening "Random Items Chest", these chest can be found in the Arena, left part of the central library, and Francois's house. Save the game infront of the chest, when opening the chest, you'll get a note that says "Insufficient Inventory Space", just keep pressing until you get an item, if you don't like the item that you obtained, exit to menu, load the game, and do the proccess again.

This question is really not neccessary to be answered, but if you are a person w/o common sense or in other words, your "stupid" (LOL), then this guide is for you. If you are wondering why does the maneater's health keeps on getting full again, then you have a very poor sense of observation (Haha..peace). So here's the explanation, The life bar gets full again because you are hitting the newly-formed leaves of the maneater, not the maneater itself, what you need to do is to finish-off the maneater's life when it doesn't have leaves, then the maneater will die.

You need to kill 3 bosses first w/c are located at the west, east, and south of the temple, then after defeating them, you can now enter the door in the middle of the temple w/c will lead you to Aquila.

1st fragment: Melon City's Lighthouse
2nd fragment: Swamp (South)
3rd fragment: Boneyard (North)
4th fragment: Path of Suffering
The treasure can be found in the cave w/c is located in the swamp, left of Humming City. You'll find a cave entrance on the north-eastern part of the swamp, the entrance will just open if your progress in the game is already on defeating Aquila, when you enter the cave, you'll find a chest in the east, you''ll need to go around to open it, but it will only open if you already collected all the treasure map fragments and gave it to Francois. After getting the first fragment in Melon City's Lighthouse, talk to Francois, his house is located on the northern part of Humming City. After talking to him, look for the other fragments, talk to him again, then go to the chest, open it, head back to Francois again, then he will reward you w/ a rare heavy/light armor equipments.

Heroes Lore Zero Rare Items List
Item Type
L= Lore item
R= Rare item
CS= Combo set
W= Warrior
K= Knight
G= Gunslinger
A= Assasin
E= Elementalist
GB= Gunblader
Rare Items can be acquired through 3 mediums:
1. Drop/Chest Item:
Nature's Fury (R)(lvl30)(3slot)(K)
LongTube Harrier (R)(lvl35)(3slot)(G)
Berserker's Sword (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(K)
Berserker's Hammer (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(K)
Twin Falcon (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(G)
Blood Maiden (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(K)
Giant (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(GB)
Blazing Sword (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(W)
Eagle Cal45 (L)(lvl48)(6slot)(G)
Destructor's Axe (L)(lvl48)(3slot)(W)
Tigers Sudden Strike (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(GB)
Hammer of Judgement (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(K)
Death Cleaver (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(W)
Falcon Magnum (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(G)
Sword of Mercy (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(K)
Maker's Hand (R)(lvl50)(3slot)(A/E)
Ruler's Axe (L)(lvl53)(6slot)(W)
Black Harpy (R)(lvl55)(3slot)(G)
Sudden Strike (CS)(lvl60)(3slot)(A/E)
2. Quest Item
Frostwave Sword (R)(lvl35)(3slot)(W)
Heartbreaker (R)(lvl35)(3slot)(W)
Berserker's Great Sword (CS)(lvl40)(3slot)(W)
Hellhound (R)(lvl45)(3slot)(A/E)
Worm Emblem Sword (R)(lvl50)(4slot)(W)
Soul Cruncher (L)(lvl58)(6slot)(W)
3. Fusion Item
Black Iron Rapier
Stone Shortsword (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(A/E)
FMC DH (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(G)
Double Mace (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(K)
Chimera's Fang (L)(lvl25)(6slot)
Parabellum (L)(lvl25)(6slot)(W)
Red Lions Great Sword (CS)(lvl65)(6slot)(W)
Hyena's Sudden Strike (R)(lvl51)(6slot)(GB)
Blitzblane (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(K)
Thor's Hammer (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(K)
Blood Plague (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(W)
Hail Barrage (R)(lvl65)(6slot)(G)

Rare Item acquisition based on game mode:
Normal mode
Lvl 25-40 item
Expert mode
Lvl 40-50 item
Hell mode
Lvl 48-60 item

Note : not all rare/lore/combo set items are listed here.

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