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Pran means the air we inhale, & Yam means to control. Thus the control of air we breath is called pranayam.
There are many types of Pranayam such as:
*Anulom Vilom
*Kapal Bhati
*Shitli Shitakali
*Plavni etc.

The Pranayam we use in our Sadhna is Anulom-Vilom.
Do not do by yourself, it may cause harm.

Now I will explain you to do Anulom Vilom: -
Sit in Padmasan or simply by making lap. You Back bone should remain straight throughout the time You sit. Now close your right nostril with you thumb & breath the air from left nostril inside very slowly. This is called PURAK.
Now close both nostrils with fingure & thumb & stop th air inside. This is call KUMBHAK.
after some time convenient to you breath out air from right nostril very slowly. This is called RECHAK.
Again breath in from right (PURAK), stop (KUMBHAK) & breath out from left (RECHAK).
This is one pair. Do six Pair of Pranayam daily.
Once you learn it you can increase upto 24 pairs per day. But to go from 6 pair to 24 pair, take 20-30 days.

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