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With a few exceptions, like goblins, hobgoblins and gnomes, the Faerie folk
are a host of tiny magical people with little concerns of the affairs of men.
Likewise, they dislike their larger, crueler cousins mentioned above, looking
upon them with disdaine or indifference. The faerie folk quite often seem to
be lost in their own business, but being a strange and secret people just what
their concerns and pursuits are completely unfathomable.

By civilized standards the faerie folk seem quite insane, content to a
vagabond life of mischief and wandering. Volatile, and uncertain in temper
they have a strong tendency for mischief and malice. Like spoiled children
they do, say, and act as they damn well please and woe to the person that
dares to interfere in in their play. It is the temper-tantrum or vengeance
of a perturbed faerie where malice comes to the fore. The mischief stems from
their selfish, carefree, wild, scatterbrained antics and complete lack of
concern for non-faerie folk. They will steal horses and ponies, riding them
wildly throughout the night, tease dogs or twirl cats by their tails creating
a ruckus that could wake the dead. Other favourite tactics include moving or
hiding objects (often into the pockets of some poor unwitting bystander,
then tattling on the poor fellow accusing him as a theif), souring milk,
opening doors and gates or animal pens or bottles, howling, hooting, stomping
or banging around, whisper lies, tell tales (usually all mostly untrue),
tattle on others, pinch, pull hair, untie shoes, undo belts and locks; steal
fresh baked bread and fruit pies, milk and wine (wich they love with passion),
and all manner of similar mischief.

However, not all faerie folk are harmless pranksters and some are positively
dangerous. Even under the friendliest of circumstances a wise person will
mind his tounge, not drink their drink, eat their food, or dance with their
maides (though this can be very interesting! -Neph). Many are the tales of
the faerie's dances, charms, sleeping enchantments, potions and illusions.
Faerie folk enjoy beguiling, confusing and deceiving those who are not of
their ilk. Even some of their pranks can be dangerous or dead;y since they
have no understanding (though, some have -Neph) of the human condition, laws,
or morals.

Despite their tricks and volatile tempers, they _are NOT evil_ and have been
known to aid the helpless and unfortunate. Frivolous, jovial people, they hate
sorrow and despair, and will often attempt to cheer a sad person with gifts
of fruit and flowers, mend clothes, or perform spectacular dances and
acrobatics. Sometimes one or two become attached to a particular household,
secretly performing chores such as mending clothes or fences, milking cows
(if they don't drink all of it. -Neph), shucking corn, churning butter, and
so on. The home with a guardian faerie person (or gnome for that matter. -Neph)
need never worry about intruders or bad luck.

Only elves (the mythological pointy-ears. -Neph) are spared the games and
wiles of most faerie folk as they are beloved by the denizen of faerie.

Believed to be immortal, their antics have been recorded since the beginning
of history. They are happy, freewheeling spirits; tiny in stature (rarely
more than 6 inches to a foot tall. -Neph), often winged, and glow of magic.
Most are attractive, cute or handsome or seductive and deceptively friendly.

Those who have not chosen a permanent domain travel continually, seldom
staying in one place, and travel in groups (typically 6 to around 50. -Neph).
Having a great sense of kinship, all faerie folk welcome one another openly
and are frequently found living or travelling near or with one another
(NOTE: All the faerie folk can speak each others language). They seldome live
in human towns or villages and shun cities and sad or evil places.

Although rumors of faerie gold abound, faeries, pixies, brownies and
sprites have no need or desire for gold or any other precious metals, money
or gems, and _never_ keep them. They're more likely to keep a magic wand or
medallion, but only if residing in a permanent dwelling.

Faerie folk live under hills, mushrooms (magic ones? -Neph ;), flower beds,
in trees and sometimes caves and animal burows. They can eat little, but
favorite foods include nectar, morning dew, flower buds, honey, mild and
fresh baked bread and fruit pies. Some are also quite addicted to alcohol,
especially wines.


These small hills (or large mounds of earth and grass) are frequently
ringed with wild flowers and mushrooms and are the abode of large groups
of faeries, sprites, or pixies. Anywhere from two dozen to a hundred of these
faerie people will live under a faerie mound, singing and dancing, and
drinking and sleeping. Often the captives of faerie are found in these
mounds, deep in enchanted slumber . To disturb a faerie mound is to invoke
the full wrath of its inhabitants. Faerie mounds are not very common and are
found in bright sunlit areas in secluded forests, meadows, and grasslands.


Faerie rings are circles in the grass rimmed by mushrooms or flowers,
often near a faerie mound. This is where the faeries dance. A place of magic
and danger for the unsuspecting passerby. If a human (or animal) steps into
the ring during the faerie's dancing, he is compelled to join the dance until
the festivities cease or he is released. The enchantment of the faerie ring
is powerfull and only a man with a strong mind can break the spell. Faeries
have been known to dance and sing for weeks without pause. The captive can be
rescued by a friend who, with at least one other holding his coat-tails,
joins the dance, always keeping one foot out of the ring, and pulls the dancer
out. Faerie folk may (off course) participate without being affected.


This is a spell or enchantment similar to the faerie ring, but is of limited
duration. It too compels the victim to dance until the spell elapses or is
cancelled. The dancer cannot be rescued exept by convincing the faerie
responsible to break the spell. Faeries often strip the dancers clothes off
and hide his valuables. The victim is helpless.


The wise person NEVER accepts foor or drink frojm any faerie folk;
sprites, pixie, leprechaun, faerie or any one of faerie decent. The substances,
usually breads, syrups, nectars, and ales, are almost always 'tainted',
resulting (in what could be explained like) in one of the following:

Dizziness (light form of dizzy feeling, last 10 minutes aprox.)
Love Charm (speaks for itself dosn't it?)
Sleep (heavy sleep, almost comatosed state)
Slumber (person/persons fall into a very light sleep. 10 sec or so)


Faeries, pixies, sprites, nymphs, will-o-the-wisps and bogies are immortal
(allthough they CAN be killed). Leprechauns, spriggans, merrows and brownies
live for thousands of yearsl. Satyrs, pucks and toad stolls live for about
two or three hundred years. Goblins and hob-goblins average life span is about
60 to 80 years.


The following methods will protect a person from faeries as well as sprites,
pixies and bogies. (Some of these methods obviously work by making the faerie
people laugh soo hard to cause mischief! -Neph)

* One of the best is turning clothes inside out and wearing them.
* A red ribbon tied in a bow above a doorway or on the tails of
horses and live stock.
* The crucifix or cross keeps them at bay. (It is rather their own
superstition, than from the 'power' of the crucifix. -Neph)
* Salt, or a circle of salt, will faeries and their tiny cousins
away from where you lay the circle.
* Various magic symbols and circles. (To many to mention here)
* Horeseshoe(s) placed under the pillow or hung over a door or bed.



_The (common) Faerie_ appears as a tiny handsome man or woman
standing no more than 6 inches tall, with brightly colored
butterfly wings of gold, red, violet, blue or yellow. They are
golden haired, often nude or draped in delicate robes or gowns
spun from silk or spider's web. Of course, ther are a merry,
care-free people with a penchant for mischeif.

While all faeries are magic (glowing both day and night), some
of their specific spell abilities vary from type to type. Thus
Silver-bell and Night-elves cast different enchantments even
though they both are faeries.

_Silver Bells_are tiny (6 inches tall) faeries of pale complexion,
pale golden hair and adorned with magnificent white gossamer wings.
They are often clad in milky white or light pastel colored silken
gowns. They love to dance and sing more than any of the other
faeries. The Silver bell faerie's voices are said to sound like
thousand tiny bells chimming in harmony, hence the name.

_Green wood_faerie also stand about 6 inches tal, slim, handsome,
and of green complexion topped with long jet black hair. Their
wings resemble butterfly wings, but are darker than those of the
common faerie such as deep reds, oranges, browns and greens. They
are found of green and yellow clothes, pointed shoes and feathered
hats. They are most commonly seen in dense forest regions.

_Night elves_, despite their name, these mischievous little spirits
are faeries, not elves. Night-elves are of a dark grey-green complexion,
dark brown or black hair and sport luminous blue gossamer wings. They
are usually seen in ...

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