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were not alone

Welcome to my mobile site as the name says youtwo a lot of things have happened to during my life i used 2 thnk it was only me i knw different now and other people have had more iv done the why me what did i do 2 deserve etc etc about me i lost my dad my friend when i was twelve i married at sixteen 2 get away from a strict mother put myself into a worse and painfull situation of physical and mental abuse brought up four children fought and one custody of my grndghter from the age of 3mnths who has physical disabilitys divorced my husband of 25yrs got into trouble and was put in prison lost custody of my beloved grndhter met and married a man who wasnt the person i thght he was amongst other thngs hes a crsdrs started a nghtmare was abducted and physicaly abused by 3men lost my oldest son 2years ago was cheeted on and treated as if i was a no mark and for the upteen time let myself b taken in and have spent have of the time with my husband of 6years visiting prisons and the locked ward of a phyciatric hospital it goes without saying that they each left me with scars and phyciatric problems some of what has happened is my own doing most of it wasnt and i do knw that there are people who have been thrgh a lot more than me i gave up the poor mes years ago and learned how to bounce back or die if anybody can b helped by sharing my past experiances and the insight i have gained from them then it wont have been for nothing and if anyone wants to share there insights to my recent happenings then please do lastly dont feel sorry for me i am a wiser stronger woman for it .nicole

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