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This is not Pokemon its a Pokemon Xxx story based off of Pokemon
Richie:Oh i´m late i´m late *puts on his clothes, grabs his bag and goes down stairs* Richie:Morning mom i cant believe i´m late Richie´s mom Morning son i can see that your on your way to becoming a grate Pokemon trainer like your dad
*Richie in is mind i will never be a freak like my father never you hear me *
*Richie´s mom in her mind hurry up and get out of the house so i can party* Richie´s mom:You better get going to profApril´s now *Richie goes outside and walks to professor April´s lab* Jenny:Oh hi Richie are you here to see professor April? Richie:yeah i´m suppose to get my starter Pokemon today Jenny:Is that right, well you have to whate she´s in the lab getting fucked
*10 minutes later*
April:Oh Richie sorry i was getting my daily Fuck but these guys arnt very good!
Richie:I´ve never fucked any one in my
life maybe it's cuz i'm just ten.
April:oh is that right^_^ let me make you a deal when you get all of your badges i´ll let you Fuck me! Richie:wow really....oh can i get my Pokemon now April:right you were suppose to get a Pokemon today, sorry but we ran out,but i can lend you one of my Pokemon and you can go catch your Pokemon and bring back mine, here use didey*Richie takes the pokeball and leaves the lab*
Richie:lets see, there's one go didey!
Didey:didey,didey,didey*translation*>who is the pink haired idiot?
Richie: venom powder!
didey,didey*translation*>I wonder were the nearest bar is i need a drink
Other Pokemon:te,te,techu,te*translation*>why won't you people leave me alone *techu hits didey with a thundershock* didey:didey!didey!diiiiiiiidey*translation*>you piece of shit you are asking for a beatdown*didey hits Techu with a vine whip up its ass and slaps it 3times across its face Techu gets angry and bites didey on the bud on its head didey uppercuts Techu and it lands face down ina pile of shit
Richie:why won´t you listen to me?
*Didey picks up Techu and throws it. BLAM!!!*the falling techu
Hits Richie on the head *Richie sees Didey walking away*were do you think your going your gonna pay for that *Richie picks up a larg stone and hits Didey on the head Didey uses vine whip Richie grabs the fainted techu and starts waking the vines like a 3year old madly swinging a stick around* Richie: hahahaha you cant hit me*he jumps on didey and starts beating it with techu didey gets away and runs back to its pokeball* Richie:well i guess i better catch this and get back 2 the lab
*throws a pokeball and
catches techu Techu:*now waking up in the pokeball* were am i, i can´t breathed i´m going to die let of out i need air*it user a thundershock and breaks out of the pokeball Techu:te,chu,techu,te,chu,te*translation*>if you ever put me back in that presion i will kill you!! *Richie reaches the lab were if finds april fingering her self in a chair in the lab*
April:Richie your back and i see you gotta Pokemon *Richie hands didey's pokeball back to april and tells her didey took major beating from techu he
leaves the lab and leaves his home town after 10 days of walking he runs into a girl* Richie:hi do you know where lily town is Girl:hi Richie its 10miles ahead Richie you know my name but i don´t know who you are Girl:don´t worry you will*the place turns foggy and the girl disparears 0_0 Richie: wow she´s gone and i didn´t ask for her number*he see a sign* Sign:lily town 10miles the town were the sun never sets everstone city 8miles east the city of hot sexy horny women Richie: lets see lily town or everst.
Its a no brainer everstone here i come

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