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media - Woman


This is a page dedicated to Caroline aka chaoticbitch.fsu. This mxit bicycle(cyber whore) is suposedly the leader of these fsu faggots. Haha (says in an exorcist priest voice-the power of christ compells you). Now we know this thing is cybering a guy behind old Spliffs back. So that makes me wonder if its due to the proven fact that Brent is dumber than a lubed dildo and doesnt stimulate the gal intellectually and she gets her rocks off with another guy on mxit(thats gotta hurt hey Brent).
Lmfao so now we know the true reason why Brent deleted mxit. Cause his bitch cant keep her legs closed. But i still cant grasp how a guy could cyber a thing that looks like it barks and everybody who wonders what this dragon looks like can just go to and ill rest my case. She writes on her write up that she never backs down from a fight(and i had to laugh at that) but ran after getting her ass handed by 5 zods(shame on you zods for raping that thing)and thats where her initial
hatred for Zod started and she tried to get the whole mntn to fight her battle for her. Today that still continues. She stole he ex-best friends Bongmasters boyfriend(Brent) and now uses the monkey to fight her battles for her even against ladies. There is always a saga with her and another guy(pittys poor Brent but understands he cant do better)that suposedly wants her. Luckily i will never fall in that catogory cause im willing not desperate. Caroline i suggest you keep your boy Brent on his leash and in
his gimpmask before we gonna start getting real personal here..i spare a thought for fsu though. With a name like that everything undomesticated is expected..P-)
Oh and this is sum funny shit. Now because her monkey boy was caught out threatning ladies now they wana take the attention of him and try play it like i threatened her. I just laughed when i saw that. She claims i phoned her and said i claim i have a pic of her brothers baby and that i know where she lives. Caroline i think you mistaken me for one of your clients as any fool can call yr nr in the junkmail under the adult-classifieds section.
Now Caroline its just a pitty that the person you cried a river to and tried to play the sympathy card to doesnt believe yr lies and fsu and yr bitch clan are loosing members hey. I will glady send the file with these lies to anybody just invite 076 257 4655.. Now you see Carol unlike you retards ive got files backing my statements up and i will gladly post queen skys apology to me here to after she worked out that you lie just like Brent does..8-)

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