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media - Comics/Fantasy/Anime

>>Master Yoda teaches Bobby<<

*Master Yoda enters the room and spots a mofo looking boy with curly hair and sissy complexion* -thinks outloud-hmm the pink force must be strong in this one. *wanabe jedi Bobby aproaches Master Yoda* bobby&#34;ive traveled far all the way from the east rand and seek guidence from a great master&#34;Yoda&#34;hmm you seek yoda help the young bobby indeed i will&#34; Bobby&#34;ive got a problem master.everyone thinks
im just a wanabe on dkm and that im a can i change that master yoda" *Master Yoda slaps bobby hard* "stop whining like a bitch you must" *young bobby jerks a tear as he sumtimes does when getting it up the ass* "how do i shake this image that i got master the one that i will just be the guy that gem made famous and got jealous cause he cybered my mxit girlfriend"
Yoda"hmm inside yourself you must look, inside your heart the answer lies. Stop trying to get revenge on gem you must" *bobby burst into a flood of tears now * "But master it hurts so bad that everyone knows gem cybered my lady and he got the files and now all the mountain dwellers know i cant satisfy my gal and thinks im a mofo" *Master Yoda thinks * hmm blame his gal for searching another
light sabre i must not."the force is calling strongly to win the young master bobby over to the pink side" Bobby"but how can i stop it master i have been feeling it since i wos young" Yoda"hmm stop swallowing semen you must inside yourself you must look" *bobby tries the masters patience * "but master i cant help it when i see gem battle i just get so turned on and envious"Yoda"hmm stop fantasing
bout gems lightsabre you must" *Yoda obviously agitated by the youn mofo masters ignorance decides to end the poor sods misery takes out lightsabre and cuts bobbies head off* "hmm waste my time you must not." P-)

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